Final Tomcat Flyby

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    Pretty sweet stuff.
  2. That F-14 was a BEAST to get into a fight with.... The only other fighter jet that the US Military had that has never been shot down/defeated in combat other than the F-15. LOVE THAT JET!

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    I am not a Navy man, but that Fighter....

    Almost tears me up thinking its now gone..

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    Reminds me of when they closed Pease AFB in Newington NH The FB111s took off for the last time the Squadron commander was the last one to take off and they all formed up with him rocking his wings as they flew ovwr Portsmouth NH on their way out to New York. There were a lot of folks with tears in their eyes cause we all knew it was gonna be rough without the military there. Also the SC plane was a special one it had a special nose art on the side [​IMG]

    And here is a nice picture for you guys [​IMG]
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    oh yeah, growing up right next door to Grumman aerospace in the vietnam era long island, it was normal see/hear/smell the exhaust of these planks! still weirds me out to see them on sticks
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    Now lets just hope they don't sell all the retired fighters to another country that will use them 10 years down the road against us.
  7. Iran almost got 80 a few decades back... thank God they only got 1 and it broke down for lack of spares lol. Not that it would have mattered much... a plane's only as good as the pilot flying it.
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    NONE of the former Tomcats are being dismantled for parts strictly for that reason: Iran wants them! As far as I know, they are being closely guarded or virtually destroyed to prevent that technology falling into the wronghands.

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