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    got to take my .308 Savage Axis to the range today and to get it zeroed in @ 100yrds took only 4 rounds . My best grouping was my 2nd and 3rd shot of the 4 shots fired at the target and that grouping was 0.577 and on my 4th and final shot i got into the bullseye which is only 1" dia and got that round 0.185 to the right of dead center of the bullseye . After that was done and my scope zeroed i was having fun easily hitting a 3" dia gong at 100 yrds and at 200yrds

    i was using the full power of my scope which was 24x

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    Will post a pic of the target when I get a chance

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    Nice job Marine!

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    here's the target as you can see i did grid it in 1/4MOA blocks as my 6-24x50 is 1/4 moa @ 100yrds and did it this way so i could walk the rounds in the bullseye with minimal rds being used and it worked great . You will also see a couple flyers rds # 5 & 6 and that was when we had a strong gust of wind going from l/right and the gusts were 25 mph plus so i just called it a day after that


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    Thanks !!!!:D ,i'm very happy on how well my .308 savage performed the other day and also amazed on how well i was able to get the rds where i wanted them to go . again this is a 12"x12" target with the bullseye only 1" dia and with my 6-24x50 scope on 24x power i was able to see the grid pattern i placed and also ea bullet strike was very clearly visible . I really like how my Muzzle brake allows me quicker target acquisition and tames the recoil

    like mentioned once i was sighted in i was easily able to hit a 3" AR500 gong at 100 yrds and at 200yrds . after i was zeroed in my friend and i who also has the same rifle as i have we had a little challenge at the 100yrd and 200yrd gongs . We did a backwards 3 count and at the end of this count we both fired our .308's at this dual 3" gong placed at these distances and spun both around at the exact time .One thing i did notice was that when i was using Winchester Super X 180 grain i was seeing nice deep impacts on the 3" gongs maybe because of the2620 muzzle velocity and 2740ft lbs energy that rd produced . when i was using the Remington 150 grain core lockt i was noticing the impacts on that same plate was not as deep

    next range visit i'm going to see if i can get a bullseye on those (4) smaller bullseyes on that same target
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    For a low cost rifle the Axis are amazingly accurate. Bought mine in 223 and once zeroed I can easily do quarter size or smaller groups(Bench rest, I am not that good. Although with a bipod I am very very close to that)

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    That's ne of the main reason why I purchased a savage axis as they're tack drivers with sub moa groupings at 100 yards . Also with the addition of a muzzle brake tightened up the groupings . It was so easy to hit the 200 yrd gongs that were 3" dia and want to go out to at least 800 yrds to see how good this rifle is . With the help with a couple bullet trajectory apps on my phone it makes hitting the long range targets to easy

    I'm only using a 0 moa scope base and now thinking of going to a 20 moa base so I can go out past 300 without using hold over . Another mod I might do is go to 26" bull barrel to help with longer distance

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    Forgot to mention this is from bench rest using my Caldwell 6"-9" bipod and using a Caldwell rear bag to steady the rifle and it really helps a lot