Finally am replacing my CF380!!!!

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  1. After having mine stolen a few months ago, I won one off of GB this morning-- sort of high ($97) but well on the low end of the price range for the D/FW area--

    Yeah me!!!

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    congrats. not a bad price in my opinion.

  3. nice price, but what you have to pay for out-of-state/online ffl?
  4. It is coming from PA-- With shipping it is $109. My FFL guy charges me a flat $10 per visit--ie if I wait and transfer 3 guns at once, he charges $10 bucks-- one gun at a time, $10..

    Not too shabby-- the gunshow 2 weeks ago had CF380s for $139-$159- of course they threw in a "free" plastic case I could pick up at Gander for like $8... :p

    I am happy-- the 380 was my truck gun-- I made the stupid mistake of leaving in the center console one weekend-- some sh*t head stole it and my Sirius-- but they left my laptop?!?!

    The Sirius was a cheap $30 version-- I went to Wally World and bought a new one, thus deactivating the stolen one.

    The 380 was "tricked out" with slip on Hogue grips, a cheap Crossman holster from Waly World (less than $10) and two mags of Federal Hydra Shocks-- I filed a PD report as soon as I found it stolen--

    I feel like a dumb*ss for leaving it in the truck, but you can bet I learned my lesson....

    Good thing came from this though-- My wife got into the shooting thing-- thus I bought her a Pink PT111MilPro...

  5. Congrats. I need a FFL guy like yours.
  6. Some FFLs charge $25 or more PLUS a 10% of the value "conveinence charge"..

    I have found quite a few withing 10 miles of my house (North side of Dallas) that charge around$15-$20, but they give $5 dollar discounts each for NRA members and CHL holders-- most don't charge anything else. You bought it, they get the quick buck to cover their FFL charge. This guy is my first time dealing with him-- I am going in an hour to pick up my FEG .32 ACP from Centerfire. He basically said he got his FFL to buy guns cheaper, make some a little extra to cover his FFL costs. His main income will probably be gunshows and orders-- I am actually going to order non C&R weapons through him-- he seems stand up, and asnwers his phone all the times I have called-- my last FFL was hard as heck to get ahold of.

    Picts to follow!!!

  7. $109 for a CF380 is not bad at all!!! It's been a good long while since I have seen one at that price. Couple years back local shop had em for $89! Current prices are more like $139~
  8. At first, I thought, well $97 is OK, but considering shipping and FFL, yawn.

    Then you quote the shipping.

    Then you describe your FFL holder.

    Wow! Very good deal! Congrats.
  9. thats a steal in my opinion. the .380 here is selling new for $189 i just bought another c9 for $179 thats $10 cheaper than the .380 :? . could be an extra charge for that cool looking stripe on the slide? lol.
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    your lucky no dealers around here let you use their ffl they want a bigger profit i guess. the c9 i bought about a month ago was $200 out the door, the dealer told me he had to get it from gb cause his dist. couldn't keep up with demand. thats why it cost more his usally price is $180 otd.