Finally bought a 995TS. Any suggestions for a Hipoint noob?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Threewulfmoon, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Threewulfmoon

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    It's been a long journey to me finally owing a 995. I had one ordered a couple of years ago, but I ended up selling it to the FFL handling my transfer and bought an AR instead. However, every time I see a 995 at the local fun shop, I'm always tempted. Saw another one a few days ago at the newly-opened Rural King (love that store). Wasn't the absolute best price, but was in the ballpark. When the wife suggested I buy it, I finally took the plunge. Haven't had time to even shoot it yet (Halloween with the kids and church took up my weekend), but if the weather holds, I'm going to run a few rounds through it this evening.

    I'm going to snake the barrel and number my magazines (I actually still have the mag holder and two mags I ordered from MOM a couple of years ago). Any other suggestions to make the 995 run better? I'm not a firearm noob but this is my first Hipoint. Would greatly appreciate any input!
  2. Rachgier

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    Go shoot it. Come back with anything you think may be of concern, then we'll be able to give you better advice. A lot of the carbines never need a single tweak.

  3. lklawson

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    Nothing special and less than with most NIB firearms. Make sure there aren't any barrel obstructions and that the action is lubed with something (it very nearly doesn't matter with what, use 3-in-One if you want).

    Because it's a simple blowback action you'll find that it is more vulnerable to getting grungy from aluminum and steel cased ammo but you'll also find that it's notoriously tolerant of grunge and grime. I recall one guy running an endurance test who didn't clean it for thousands of rounds, not even snaking the bbl. When he finally took it apart it looked like he'd need to use Easy Off Oven Cleaner from the pics he posted. But it still ran. He just cleaned it because, well, ya gotta end the test somewhere. :)

    In your place I wouldn't even worry about polishing this or tweaking that until you notice a pattern of failures.

    Snake it, lube it, done.

    Peace favor your sword,
  4. Another Kentucky guy! Welcome neighbor.
  5. ajole

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    NE Utah

    You need lots and lots of ammo.;)
  6. planosteve

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    And extra mags, at least 5.
  7. enjoy ur new hp995, now go and shoot the
    barn door off the hinges..:welcome:
  8. rmuniz9336

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    With the exception of extra magazines everything else is just that. Extras.

    I got an angled rail on mine, hung a red dot on that, a Bi-Pod, and a right handed charging handle replacing the left handed charging bolt (What can I say, I got used to the M-60 machine gun).

    Would it work fine without this stuff. Sure it would. I just went out, shot it, and started playing with it.

    Go out and have fun with it, then decide what you want.
  9. Threewulfmoon

    Threewulfmoon Member

    Well guys, took the 995 out back and ran a few mags through her, mainly shooting some Gatorade bottles. Ran flawlessly with 115 FMJ and some hollow points. Did a couple of mag dumps and it ran without a hitch. My only concern was that it was getting dusky by the time I was able to shoot, and it's hard to see through that the peep sight in low light. I'll put up some targets tomorrow and take a closer look at accuracy.

    I like it a lot! I can't wait to put more rounds though her. I think I might break down and put a red dot on it. Seems to be a fairly sweet shooter right out of the box, though. Just not sure how I like the stock sights.
  10. PapaMAS

    PapaMAS PapaMAS Member

    Cool! They are fun to shoot.

    I like the sights a lot myself, but still couldn't resist putting good red dots on mine.
  11. Tpsfoto

    Tpsfoto Member

    All mine needed were to adjust the mags needed to have ammo loaded for several days ........and the jamming stopped.
  12. Threewulfmoon

    Threewulfmoon Member

    Still haven't had a chance to put more rounds through my 995. I did, however, pick up some Federal aluminum ammo today. Never thought to check for advice on how it runs. Seem some 995s like it, some don't. I've been stocking up on 9mm for a while, so at worst, the alum stuff can go into the SHTF barter pile.

    On a side note, does anyone here reload 9mm? If so, what's a rough ballpark on what a reloaded round costs? I own a few 9mm handguns and an AR-15, which I've heard are about the least cost effective rounds to reload. However, I also have a 1911, and I know I can save on reloading .45 ACP. I'm tempted to get into reloading. Might save enough to buy a 4595 :D
  13. lklawson

    lklawson Staff Member

    Half the people here reload. How much you save depends on how you figure your costs and what sort of components you end up using.

    Typically, the not quite Accounting Dept accurate claim is 1/3 to 1/2 price of factory new but you have to use recovered or range pickup brass, not count your time-cost, and assume your durable goods (gear) is free or already paid for. For you it's worse because 9mm is the most economical of factory NIB ammo and therefore the hardest to save money on. Expensive NIB ammo, like .308, 30.06, or 30.30 is the easiest way to save money reloading over NIB ammo.

    You CAN save money reloading, but it's harder and with a far longer Break Even time than most advocates admit to.

    This is the point where advocates will usually bring up being able to roll more accurate loads than factory, custom loads tailored to individual guns, and the satisfaction and enjoyment of rolling your own. Prepping has also become a new distraction technique for when the sceptical question the inflated cost savings claims.

    All that said, I have just start reloading for .223 myself aa a means of reducing costs. :)

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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  14. peorth

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    I like the cheek pad from brass stacker ($9.50). When applying the pad do it nice and slow.
  15. Cheek Pad

    Dittos on the Brass Stacker cheek pad. I got 'em for my 4095 and my wife's 995. They're cut to precisely fit our carbines and work like a charm. No cheek sting whatsoever.
  16. Threewulfmoon

    Threewulfmoon Member

    Took the 995 out again today and ran a few hundred rounds of Federal aluminum through it. Ran without a hitch! All of my mags seem to run just fine. Shot some good groups, so it is pretty much dead on straight out of the box. I like the iron sights because they are accurate, but it takes me a while to acquire the target. Probably will go with a red dot in the near future.

    The only thing I don't like about the 995 is that feeling where you're shooting well and click, it's empty. While 10 rounds helps me pace my ammo use, sometimes it's just not enough!
  17. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    Received the email notice today that my 995TS shipped today. Still, I won't get it until Christmas, mean ole' wife!

    My 9mm reloads using store bought 124 grain cast cost me $6.38 per 50. Like Kirk said, my gear was amortized a long time ago and I do not count my time.
  18. Rachgier

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    LOL Poor fella. Buy her a gift certificate to use a cleaning service for a month and see if you can get early access.

    I just got word that dad's estate finally settled so I'm buying the woman her Christmas presents in 2-3 weeks. Should have 3-4 new additions to the safe.
  19. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

    BY FAR the best advantage is the ability to have ammo
    when/if the access to factory loaded ammo is cut off or ceases...
    Trumps Everything Else! ;) (you did say prepping, hat tip LKL!)

    3-4, don't count on #5 (G20) :p
  20. boicecf

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    Shoot it as often as you can...the more shoot my 995TS the better it gets,,,maintenance...a can of Rem Oil spray and a Bore Snake is all I use other that a dab of MobilGrease 28 on the sear!!