Finally done refinishing my M44

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    Well, after choosing the wrong color and having to take it back after realizing the stock is a little darker than I was expecting after sanding, I finally finished my stock. I went with a natural stain, only for the fact that no matter what stain you go with it'll make the stock darker. I looked at the color Gunstock by Minwax, which is the exact color that I wanted, and after chosing the natural color, I still got my desired color. Tell me what you think.

    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-11-28

    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-12-14
    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-12-14

    There is a big difference in color. I used this spray on stripper that did an excelent job in taking off most of the shellack. Then using a 100 grain sand paper, I sanded the rest off, and went over it with a 350 grain sponge sander. It really smoothed out the wood. Then, I used the natural stain on it with a sponge applicator, let it sit for about an hour (even though it says 10 minutes), and whiped it down with a clean towel. After that I used a new 350 grain sanding sponge to smooth it out. Gave it a really nice satin feel to it.

  2. looks great

    and i see toes!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :wink:
  3. +1 on both the refinish and the TOES!
  4. Looks like a job well done. After looking at these guns for the past couple of days on this site I have decided to get one. Now if I can just find one in Tallahassee...
  5. Nice looking grain on the butt of that MN, looks like some nice work.
  6. Looks good before and after to me ;)
  7. Mordecai

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    No offense, I liked it better before.
  8. Ari

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    It looks finish and not Russian... Hit her with a real light coat of amber shellac... if you dont like it afterward it it is not hard to take back off....
  9. hipoint.nut

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    Rock ON, Feet in the photo!
  10. bamaboy06

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    Any color Mosin looks good.Job well done and don't worry about the toes in the pic, I think everybody here has posted a toe shot at one time or another.
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    I like the lighter tone. Its too bad that the russians used such crap wood, but I understand thats all they had. But, for an old war rifle, still, that grain looks pretty good.
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    Thanks guys for the feedback. Believe me when I say, the before picture doesn't really do it justice. It was much darker than what the picture shows. That goes for both pictures. It really is darker than the picture shows it to be. Because wood has some kind of prismatic feature to it, when you look at it at different angles, it changes from dark to light. If you look at the second picture, notice how the butt is darker than the rest, that is the color throughout.

    So, don't dis it until you see it in person. It's really hard to judge a picture, unless that picture was taken with a thousand dollar camera, which these pics were taken with a fifty dollar camera.
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    i dont think the birch they used was so crappy.. the stocks are still being used today! it sure hasnt split with the massive recoil these babies put out.. good wood i say.

    and i think its too light. it doesnt look bad, but i always liked darker wood.. whether it be my end table, or my gun stock.