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  1. buddy

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    I am finally done modifing my hi-point 40 (I think). I am the kind of guy that takes good things and makes them better or least to my taste. I think anybody can buy an expensive gun but with all the works but i like to take a cheap gun and make it look like an expensive gun (at least in my mind) LOL!
    Can somebody help me out (again) with my pics , I think i am banned from posting pic or something? TY.
  2. pics are pretty cool! here they are for now... not sure why yours didn't show.


  3. thekrnel

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    what did you use on your grips. i used rubberized under coating and i love it. yours look a little rougher than mine.
  4. z71silverado98

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    grips look like the old soldering gun treatment. I was wanting to do that to mine a while ago but cannot locate my soldering iron.