finally...found another c9.

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  1. just came back from the gun shop with another c9. i paid $179 plus tax and $10 for the houge grip ( gotta have one ). after about three weeks of waiting and calling the shop they had just gotten it in the morning with a .380 ($189 plus tax ) $10 more than the c9.?. they said that hi points are getting harder to get because of the demand they have, and here i was thinking people didnt like them. lol. i can take some pics but would have to e-mail them to some one that knows how to post them here on the site. :D
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    mail them to me I will get them put up for you.

  3. im just waiting for the wife to bring the camera home from work.
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    Gratz on the new C9, which grip fits the C9. Will the same slip on that fits a JHP45 fit the C9? :roll: And the 995 while I have the question out.
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    gabriel c.s' new C9 & his new .380 Pics. BTW congrats on your purchase of the new toys.