finally getting a carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by lcback, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. A month ago I couldn't decide between a 9mm pistol or semi auto 22 rifle. So I decided to put them together. And ordered a 995ts with forward grip through Davidsons. out the door price is $280 all shipping and nics fees included.

    I'm excited for my first auto loader. and my first 9mm. Should be picjing it up sometime this week. :splits:
  2. planosteve

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    Good deal, your are now officially addicted and will need lots and lots of ammo. The carbines are like a good 22 lr, you just keep pulling trigger and grinning. :D

  3. srb61

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    Your gonna love it!
  4. Rachgier

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    Sucker. I hope you have plans to stock up on ammo because you're about to run low.
  5. Dagwood

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    You already don't have enough ammo! Lol

    Fun fun fun!
  6. Enough? I haven't bought av single box yet. Not one Rd of 9mm in here.
    I need to go back to the suburbs so I'm not tempted to shoot all my ammo, I have a hard time stocky up when I shoot on my own property.
  7. lsi1

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    my stock up slowly method works its slow and takes forever but it works. buy a box shoot half set half back buy another box repeat. When you get to your feel comfortable number then buy new shoot the old ammo.
  8. Lol.It must be nice have that problem.I'm still in the Burbs, but lots of public land close by.
  9. Lol. It's a hard problem to complain about.

    Glad you have land close by. When I lived in the burbs of Virginia the only option was to spend $8 an hour at the range. Add that to the $15 box of anmo. And my wife wasn't exactly pushing me to go.
  10. Think1st

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    I suggest that you go to either or and buy at least a 1000-round case of decent 9mm ammo. If you don't begin with that stock level, you will end up not having any reserves after your first range trip.

    From there, you should order a minimum of 300 rounds when you do order, and make sure to order after each trip.
  11. Ohhh boy. I gotta wait. Before a big 1000 Rd order. Or I'll be hearing about my spending habits from the wife.
    I'll probably do what I did with .380

    Buy 1 box every time I'm at walmart. $10 tula seems to be in constant supply.

    I'll probably shoot once a month that's my normal habits. And since I shoot at my house when I want I don't feel the need to through 2 boxes st a time
  12. ArmyScout

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    Congrats, you will love it.
  13. srb61

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    I'm doing like Isi1 and see how it goes,tight budget,indoor range prices,and shooting once a month play a role in it for me!
  14. definitely not a bad plan. I'll probably end up buying a 500 Rd order from freedom in the Summer after this purchase gets forgotten about ;-)

    Probably shoot less in the summer. Than fall and winter. As I try not to shoot when the neighbors kids are out playing. I don't think they care. But I try to be respectful. They let me deer hunt on their property
  15. lsi1

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    sometimes with freedom you can catch free shipping deals then thats like getting a free box of ammo with your order. I ordered a bunch of their slugs last time was pretty happy with their performance out of the ksg. was really surprised by their 38spl loadings which had substantially more recoil behind them than the winchester silvertip +p rounds i was firing through the same lcr.

    Hard to beat standard 100 rounds of white box from walmart though 24.99 everyday no shipping.
  16. srb61

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    0 least you have purchases that can be forgotten ...every time I think I'm doing good I get the REMINDER, like I had today...she doesn't know I already ordered my red dot lol...ooops. ..
  17. srb61

    srb61 Member

    Yep Isi1, I'm a firm believer in shopping sales,and if I have the extra bucks at the time I'll get the extra box too...I have to wait on the big score as noted above lol
  18. its funny how that works. my wife seems to remember that i buy things. But if i added up all the jeans, shoes, and nail polish she has bought without really "needing it" i could get some nice guns :wah:
  19. srb61

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    0,yep...ain't that the REAL truth!
  20. Rachgier

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    My wife and I "argue" about spending habits. Usually about how I spend more money on the kids but barely anything on her. I just threatened to cut the spending budget for her new truck down to $5k from $15k. She shut up all quick like and reminded me that I wouldn't do that because I love her and she loves me.