Finally going to get me a .45! edit...Got it!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by ab4ka, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Assuming my shop has it in stock (which they always do) I'm getting me a .45 tomorrow (today actually). I've had my C9 and 995 for some time, and the last time I was in there a couple of months ago I fondled a .45 and really liked it, so hopefully in about 8 hours I'll have one in my hot little hands! You have to love a tax refund that comes back in a week!

    Now, a question for those in the know...what holster out there will fit this monster?
  2. I havn't found one to fit my .45 so I just use it for home defence. My wife keeps it under her pillow. It's too big to carry anyway.
    It is a sweet shooter though, enjoy it!

  3. It is a beast to carry. Depending on your stature, a brick in your weakside pocket should level you out.
    I've used the Fobus paddle holster. Gives good support (you'll need it!), and it rides high for better CC. But then with that big honkin mag extension printing 3 feet out the back of your shirt, CC kinda goes out the window!!! LOL!!!!
    Great sidearm tho. Really puts the lead downrange in top style!
  4. I use the fobus HPP ($30) or the leather one that is offered (can't think where I got mine, think gun shop) Vega 150N ($25 ??)
  5. congrats on the new gun! when you find a good pics!
  6. Wahoo!!!!! for you. Keep us updated.
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    I got it this morning! It was $5 less than I thought it was going to be, but it was in a box instead of a hard case (which is ok, I've got enough hard cases). The size reminds me of my first cordless drill. I can't wait to shoot it! I'll probably just get the holster from Hi-Point. I only want one for if I'm out kicking around the woods or something and it's what I would carry, now that I have it.
  8. They are nice holsters, have them for the 40 and 45 made in the usa
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    just for carring to the range and back I use the Crossman holster from wally world for $6 works ok but for extended carry I'd need something better.....
  10. are you supposed to get a hard case? all i got was the box.....
  11. WHen you buy the basic pistol all you get is the white cardboard box.
  12. aaahhhh....... :wink:
  13. Get your Holster from this guy

    and tell him Ken from South Georgia sent you to his site !

    This guy is in the same town as the company who makes the holsters and he ships the same day if you buy before 2:00 eastern. He is in Alabama and will have the holster to you in 2 days. They are made by Pro-Tech and he doesn't charge shipping, I have one for my 45 and one for my C9.

    By the way, look at his feedback here.

    It doesn't get any better !
  14. thanks for the link! i put that on my watched list...i will probably get the holster. :wink:
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    When I bought my C9 I asked if he had them in the hard case as my previous one came in a case and he did, but he said that he didn't have any .45's. He was telling me that he never knows what he is going to get, sometimes they come in boxes, sometimes in hard cases, and other times as the package with the knife (which he told me he takes out and sells on least he's honest). I didn't really need another case, but figured if it was free, why not? Oh well, now I just have to get out and shoot it, and the sad thing is I don't know when that will be :(
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    Love the Hi-Point .45. Probably my favorite model. I wish they could balance it a little better. I like the old alloy frame model with the non-extended magazine. It had better balance.

    Most holsters for the H&K USP will fit your .45. Check out They can fit your pistol for sure. You may have to call them and get the fitting questions answered over the phone. They have great customer service.

    I carry my JHP-45 in a nylon vertical holster with the extra mag on the other side. The vertical style hangs down a little lower but I don't like the horizontal style unless the pistol is really thin. I don't like the feel of the barrel in my armpit.

    Have fun!