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Did my cheapo conversion yesterday finally. I was thinking on doing either a slant cut romy trigger guard like Cobra's (have the parts already) but I just didn't feel like drilling holes in my first Saiga conversion. So I bought the Tomix (HEY, I know have some REAL parts on my gun!) trigger guard, gas piston, and the saw grip. I spent a few hours working on this badboy and now that its done, I'm pleased as punch!!

I am planning on putting a different stock on or possibly just painting one of my spare wood ones with a flat black of some sort, maybe bedliner material to match the rest of the gun.

The thing that was a nightmare was getting the bolt open hold parts in place along with the modified trigger group. Are there any tricks to getting those parts together without cursing for a while??

And why didn't anyone tell me that I had to modify the hammer before it would fit? LOL

Oh well, it is done for now and I'm happy.

Next up is the front sight, shark brake, and galil handguard mods. Yeah, they aren't anything SUPER speical but still will make my gun look spiffy.

Not sure what I'm going to do with my other 2 Saiga 12s. I think I will still do the slant cut Romy trigger guard and wood grips/stock on one and maybe just leave the other alone. Just not sure.

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