Finally got me an HP handgun.

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  1. Well, after weeks of procastinating, I finally got myself a HP handgun... wanted the C9, but found an unbeatable deal on a 45.... so I picked it up.

    So all you 45 owners out there... get ready... your about to get some accesories made for this handgun.
  2. Congrats on the .45, enjoy it.


  3. noemad

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    Congrats on the deal,though i know there were quite a few of us hoping you would end up with the C9, i am sure you will enjoy the .45.
  4. gregj

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    Congrats!! Just make sure they'll work on the C9 too. :wink:
  5. Nice! I'm looking forward to the goodies...... :D
  6. Bushman98,

    Congrats again on the 45. I sure wish you would of purchased a C9 and would trick it out. I contacted you a while back about the aluminum trigger for the C9, but you said that you only made them for the 995 and the 4095. Well my son should be pleased...he has the 40 S&W and if everything I have read is correct the 40 and the 45 are the same pretty much except for the barrel.

    Please consider purchasing a C9 so you can see what you can do for it as well. There are a lot of us C9 owners out here that would like to see your miracles for it!
  7. Deltaboy

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    Congrads and Enjoy
  8. JasonJ

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    sweet! what have you got planned for the JHP45?
  9. You're going to love the .45. I love mine!

  10. Cool :D
  11. Awesome!! Just make sure those accessories work with the .40 to could ya!!!
  12. Corelogik

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    Congrats on the 45, I'll be joining you tomorrow in the JHP club.