Finally got my 10rd mag to work

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  1. After sending one bad mag back for a replacement, leaving it loaded all the time, polishing the feed lips, and messing with the spring, I finally have the 10rd mag working..
    The main problem seems to have been spring pressure - I not only had to wrap the bottom loop around the next one up, I took a small piece of wire and locked together another loop at the bottom to further reduce the pressure when fully loaded - today it finally worked with no problems.
  2. Woohoo! Great all-American ingenuity!

  3. it looks like when it was fully loaded, it was putting too much pressure, pushing the round against the lips so hard that the slide was having problems removing the round from the mag - also, it seems like the extractor groove on the back of the cartrige was hanging on the one below it.
  4. I was able to get mine going good by leaving them loaded. I also notched the plastic protruding part on the front of the mag. My 10 rounders are for the JCP 40. Glad to hear you got every thing tweaked and working good!!!
  5. Which model was this for... 9mm... .40 or .45?
  6. 9MM - I had left it loaded for about 3 weeks, no improvement, so I decieded to open it up and get a little more agressive with tweaking it.
  7. When I picked up the mail today I found a suprise - another package from beemiller - with a 2nd 10rd mag inside. They had already sent me a replacement for the bad one - looking at the package, it was postmarked March 18th (when they had sent the first replacement) but was also stamped by the post office "Found in supposedly empty equipment" - it looks like they sent me 2 mags back, but one was lost by the Postoffice, and just arrived today - talk about good customer service ( complement for Beemiller :D , sarcastic for the PO :? )

    Duane Rezac