Finally got my .380

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Challenger76, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Challenger76

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    After almost a month of delays I got it. Did what many say to do, polished the feed ramp, tinkered with the mag because the rounds would not seat right. Took to the range. First 2 mags had a few fte. So I oiled it some more, racked the slide back n forth maybe 50times. Went at it again and much better only 1 fte. Then another few mags and fired flawless. No more ftes. Maybe it just needed to be broke in. I take back what I said in other posts, I like this gun. Comfortable to shoot, not much recoil, solid build. Great gun for $141. Total.
  2. cicpup

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    Ya. We might have heard something about that.

    Load the mags? Shoot it first?

    Guess not.

    So you got used to it and stopped limpwristing? Cool beans.

    Not even close. Few more hundred rounds and she'll start breaking in. She'll just get better n better.

    Your month and a half of pissin n moanin? Hardly noticed.

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I'm with Cicpup. New gun? Check bore, load mags, shoot. I usually do that within 1/2 hour of buying.

    Glad you enjoyed the gun. There lots of good reasons not to like the .380.

    And none of them matter, once you shoot the darned thing. Smooth, very little recoil, accurate. It's a great gun for the wife, the daughter, the son, beginners, old's just a winner!
  4. Challenger76

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    I moaned but never once did I piss.:p and I have to give you credit for being the break down the post undisputed champ:D Yeah I plan on keeping this one for many years. Such a solid gun.
  5. planosteve

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    Break in for my JHP.
    1. Load up 10 mags.
    2. Put additional 100 rds in range bag.
    3. Go to range and deplete ammo.
    4. Repeat above steps until I go bankrupt.
  6. Moestooge

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    The Hi-Point .380 has to be the softest recoiling centerfire pistol around.
  7. What?

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    Next time, shoot it as is before doing anything. Only issue I had with my CF380 was shooting with ****ty reloads.

    Other than that, enjoy.
  8. Challenger76

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    I regret polishing the ramp. I just heard a lot of stories about the painted ramp having problems and people polishing them down. So I just did it before shooting it. Shoots fine now.
  9. TopGas

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    I don't think that you have to "regret" polishing the feed ramp as long as all you did was remove coating/paint that was on it. I suspect that some folks do get into a situation that they regret when they get too aggressive with the "polishing" and actually change the shape and subsequently the function of the ramp:eek:.

    As many have posted before, the root of most FTF problems with auto-loaders (not just HiPoints) lies in the magazine. My current practice is to load new mags to capacity and set them aside for a while. To me, that means several days at the least. (To others, that might mean 30 minutes:p). Just sayin'.

    I'm glad that you've "come to terms" with your CF-380. I do like mine but I don't shoot it as much as I should. We all mostly agree that it's not much of a CC gun but it IS a nice range gun. Ammo cost and availability used to be a major issue but that situation is better now. 9mm is still a dollar or two less per 50 round box at WalMart. The good news is that there is .380 ACP on the shelves.
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  10. MistrBackgammon

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    Great gun. Glad it is doing well for you. I thought the silver stripe on mine looked cheap so I painted it Gamecock garnet. Makes it more accurate. Kinda like how red cars are faster. Nice how you can do stuff like that to a Hi-Point ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1418683463.852156.jpg without destroying any great collector value.

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