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Paid $223 out the door Monday. My stock had just arrived that day. I bought some olive drab Fusion paint and painted the entire thing OD, then set to fitting the gun in the stock.
This is my first real steel firearm, but I have worked on many types of airsoft and air guns in the past, and I have fired rifles and a 4095 previously. Installing the stock was a bit tough, but thanks to this forum and the handy guide set out by Stryker, it is accomplished. I had to remove about .7 mm (measured using digital calipers) from the rear piece covering the bolt action, the bolt wouldnt cycle until I did that.

I havent got to test fire yet, but I will try and sight it in before the weekend is out. I love the iron sights, when I initially say them in pictures,,,,, from the side, I didnt like the looks and didnt understand, but on the ati stock I think they look great.

Next step: buying one of the new Hipoint stocks and putting it on my friends 4095 hes gonna sell me. :D


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