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    Took a 2 day course down at Blackwing for my CCW class. Both days went by quicker than I thought they would, but the range time left a lot to be desired, imo. Granted we got to practice shooting some guns, but we only had 2 turns in 2 hours in the lanes, and shot a total of 50 rounds through both turns(1 target shooting and the other defensive stance). I was hoping to get more chances to shoot the various guns they brought in, but I guess it was better than nothing. I tried the 9mm Shield for my target practice/trigger control and the PPQ for defensive shooting. Will take pics of my targets I got to keep, but the defensive shooting target I was starting to make a smiley face in it.

    Took the super simple test that we were allowed to use the note sheets they gave us and got our certificates before we left for the day.
    Now I just gotta get a hold of the sheriff's office and make an appointment....after I take a selfie and make it a 2inch square and print and cut it out.
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    Congrats! Have your holster and weapon of choice ready?

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    Yea, congratulations! Now I'm wondering if I want to get another gun this month, or go get my cert in the works. Decisions.
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    2) You can apply for your CCW in a neighboring county's S/O, some counties don't require an appointment.
    3) I was also told to take a 2" x 2" passport photo with me. Didn't need it, the S/O took their own picture. Easier for them, already in the computer.
    4) The Ohio CCW class is designed for everybody to pass. We graded each others test, the guy I graded missed 14 questions & still passed. He had never fired a gun before that day.
  5. MachoMelvin

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    My wife & I took ours last year on Labor Day weekend. I got my CCW within a few weeks, she has procrastinated. Still doesn't have it yet?
  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I just renewed for the first time. Online, $15, take a selfie, they have the tool to crop the pic, submit the card in 4 days.:)
  7. GoesBang

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    You have photos on your CCW permit?

    Not here in Missouri!
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    WV has them too, I envy states with the nicer cards! VA just hands you a piece of resume paper :-(

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    Wow, 2 day class for the permit AND you have to supply a photo?

    Either way, cool that you did it. Congrats. Hopefully getting through the rest of the steps won't be bad and you'll be carrying soon
  10. MachoMelvin

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    I know ADDICTION when I see it, DO you?
  11. haha, i know.
    I have my VA, and my PA

    I waited all 45 days in VA, and was so excited when it came. I open'd it was like a kid on Christmas opening there presents and finding clothes. Seriously? i wait 45 days pay $50. and get a piece card stock paper with my name on it.

    My PA license was instant, and laminated with my beautiful beaming face on the front of it.
    IT also has a flag on back. When I looked the flag up, it was the Westmoreland county militia flag before during and after the revolution.
  12. tallbump

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    Interesting, my PA permit took three days. It has a picture on the front. Pretty sure all PA fronts look the same, but not flag on the back....
  13. 3 days? must be a busy Sheriffs office. I didnt even leave, the oficer on duty told me to have a seat in the waiting room. He called me back up 10 minutes later to take my picture. whats on the back of yours TB? blank?
  14. tallbump

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    Yeah, I am up in Erie County, so perhaps they are a bit busier? Yup, completely blank on the back.
  15. GoesBang

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    8 hour class which includes practice/familiarization with wheel gun and semi-auto. Must qualify with both on B27 target.
  16. Here is the back of my pa lisense
    The flag has don't tread on me as the bottom banner. And I.B.W.C.P as the banner. According to Google means.
    Independent battalion of westmoreland county pensylvania

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    I was told in the class that the passport sized photo was something Ohio did when we first got CCW back in '04, and it's the only thing that has NOT changed since then; Ohio wanted to make it as hard as possible to get a license back then. But, since digital media has progressed over the last 10 years, getting a 2"x2" photo of yourself, by yourself, is quite easy now. The instructor said they don't even really do anything with the photo, the sheriff's office takes your picture when you get your license.

    The 2 day thing was a rare option that I wanted. I was gonna take the 1 day class at the end of July, but when I called the place up, they had just put the 2 day course on their website. Their 1 day class is from 9am to 9:30pm on a saturday, the 2 day was 9 to 3 saturday and sunday.

    I really liked the Walther PPQ, so that's a viable option, same with the XDS in 9mm(3.3") I tried a few weeks ago. I want to try the SD9ve out, too, to see how I like it; price point is very good. Whatever I get, though, I will definitely splurge for a Crimson Trace laser for it, unless they've got one for sale with one already on it.
  18. Grant

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    Congratulations. Carry on.
  19. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Why? I can't see spending $150-$200 on that. Most SD uses are at point and shoot range. If it's far enough away for me to need to aim, I'm thinking it's not self defense anymore.:confused:
  20. bscar

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    Dry fire practice at home with snap caps, and the range. I'll be able to see how much I'm moving the gun while I'm trying to pull the trigger. Then I can learn to correct myself over time