Finally, Got my permit and got some Range time!

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  1. Finally got the Handgun permit Thursday (1 full month after filing)
    and Dow got some fair weather, so I got to the range today! Sweeeeeet.

    Fired 200 rounds through the C9. Started low and left, tweaked the sights,
    (they were way off) and got the group to move towards center. Convinced
    that the low was me, dropping the muzzle on trigger squeeze, but hey,
    I was stoked to be shooting the beast!
    Got my trigger control smoothed out at 50 feet, and kept all shots in the black on a 8" diameter target, and the bulk of the shouts inside 4".
    Not bad for my first outing in a quarter century. Will need more practice
    to get better control. Had some feed problems as well.
    I have heard talk about the feed lips on the magazines being the possible cause.
    Anyone have better details on this issue?
    Anyhow, moved over to the 7yard station, (20feet) and I am quite certain I could wax the BG at such range. All shots in the black, most grouped by 3-4"
    Loved the way the gun shot, but I gotta figure out the FTFeed issue.
  2. Congrats on the permit. Glad you finally got to shoot!

    Do I understand you right? You have to have a permit just to take a gun the the range to shoot?

    The FTF issue could be: need for break-in, limp-wristing, mag adjustment, or bad ammo.

  3. Since you haven't shot in awhile, I would say to be very wary of your grip. HiPoints are very, very prone to limp-wristing due to the blowback design. That was my major problem. I never had to adjust the feed lips, I just worked on my grip and forearm strength. If you are absolutely positive that it is not limp-wristing then move on to feed lips, feed ramp, etc.
  4. Congrats on the permit! Enjoy shooting.
  5. I really don't think I am limp wristing. I am one of those nuts who still goes to the gym and work out regularly, and have some serious Popeye arms.
    (I was an amature bodybuilder into my 30's) Pistol is really pretty stable in my hands. and I use good shooting forward posture. I had read about limp wristing issues here in the forum and was making sure I really had hold of the gun,but I will pay special attention to that issue.
    Failures started after about 100 rounds. Gun was starting to get a
    little dirty,but not so bad as to cause the issue.(IMHO)

    I also took the opportunity to fire 50 rounds through my Bersa, and 50 through the little AMT Backup, (Both .380's) Bersa fired smooth and
    sweet. Darned accurate too. All in the black at 50 feet. The AMT shot easier
    than I thought, (I had heard it was hard to hold onto, but I had no troubles at all.) The little gun was not as accurate, but I expected as much, that is
    why it's called a "Backup" ; )

    I was shooting all WWB ammo. No misfires, just the feed issues.
  6. Yes. In Indiana, one is only allowed to take the handgun home from purchase, but not off your place of residence (or business you own) under any condition unless taking it to be repaired,(and then directly to the place of repair, and securely packaged in a lockable container) without a permit. To use the range you are required to obtain a hunting and target permit, if you don't obtain a "Personal Protection" permit. To be caught without a permit
    is a class c felony as I understand.
  7. But only for law abiding citizens. The criminals don't worry about that!
  9. Congrats on the C9 and your fun at the range! Too bad your Indiana gun laws are so restrictive. At least you don't live in Chicago, which might be worse!