Finally got my wife back to the range

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Tyler-Durden77, May 5, 2014.

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    Unfortunately I'm afraid it will be the last time I get her to go. The first time we went I was jus getting into shooting. I knew enough to keep us safe an I was a decent shoot, so I figured I would be able to show her the ropes myself. I probably should have signed up for a class.
    As I didn't own any firearms yet we rented a S&W M&P.22. The gun worked flawlessly for me, however about 3 rounds out of every mag would FTF for my wife, and while she enjoyed the challenge she grew frustrated at having to have me clear a jam every few rounds. It is a shame too because she was a natural with that gun.
    I finally convinced her today that she should give it another try. I went over all of the basics again, made sure she knew how to hold it, sight it, clear it, and of course the 3 main safety rules are talked about often enough with my 9 year old daughter that my wife had no choice but to memorize them as well.
    Off to the range we went. I brought my Kimber Eclipse with the .22 conversation kit for her to shoot and the C9 for me. The Kimber worked perfectly and she was growing in confidence. The only problem was that the range we went to was a little older, and indoors, because of this there are partitions between the lanes and they are a bit on the small side. Every time the casing would eject it would bounce off the partition and back at my wife. She was dealing with it like a trooper until one went down her shirt. After that she was done. I think that she may have continued to shoot with me if the same thing hadn't happen to her on our first outing. She even made sure to wear a crew neck shirt this time because last time it was a v neck and I figured that was the problem.
    I have put many thousands of rounds down range and never had a casing go down my shirt. My wife has shoot less than 100 and has had it happen to her twice.
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    I had a 1911 that would do that to me occasionally. I shoot lefty, and it was a old gun...not cool!

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    Tyler, with all due respect to you and your wife and women in general; some times you just want them to.....put their big girl panties on!

    For some reason my CCW gun ejects up and straight back so I'm head butting shells as we go along.

    Mysteriously shells find their way down blouses and shirts all the time.
    If they bounce off a divider move an inch and they won't.


    * before this comes over completely wrong, no insult intended, just some times common sense goes a long way *
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    SWAGA, I agree and I did move her to the left. She ended up inching back over to the right because the hanger was crooked and she was trying to stand in front of the target.
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    get her a revolver...
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    At least your wife will go to the range. I have had a firearm for over 2 years and can't get her to go.

    I have even witheld sex and she still won't go :eek:

    Seriously, though, I can see how those 2 experiences could prevent her from wanting to go back. Women in particular are that way, one or 2 bad experiences can permanently form an opinion. As men, we tend to be like "man, that sucked, let's try it again" LOL.

    THe range I use is fairly narrow and shells tend to bounce back, but I haven't been hit by one yet. Maybe I've just been lucky
  7. My wife doesn't have the coordination to get her eye in line with a red dot, not even thinking of two sights. She's much better off staying away from guns!
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    My ol gal shoots trap with me.

    The couple that shotguns together, stays together.

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    I hate to admit it but this ol' retired Army puke has a wonderful bride of going on 39 years who consistently out shoots me. She grew up in south western Wyoming with her parents and her seven other siblings, all of whom still actively shoot. The only meat on the table was wild game so all the tags had to be filled.

    I'd like to blame my misfortune on those circumstances but truth be known if you substituted north eastern Utah for the location, you would have my circumstances, right down to the number of siblings.

    I've come to accept that she just consistently out shoots me. Besides, I enjoy her company ... immensely.
  10. bscar

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    Dunno what kinda shirt she wore, but she should watch this video
  11. SWAGA

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    Ugh, that chick is scary weird.
    I counted 127 'you knows'
    And it's like listening to a girl telling how to fix your car........;)