Finally got the 4595 to the range

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by TommyGun, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. TommyGun

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    WOW! That is one fun fun to shoot! We took along the 9mm and 45 pistols as well and the carbine was the favorite shoot for the day.

    We all agree there is virtually no felt recoil. We notice a bit of creep upwards, but I think a fire grip will help with that.

    We did get a positive comment from a guy next to us (shooting his very expensive AR) that the carbine seemed to shoot quite smoothly. Also liked that it shot 45.

    Not one negative comment from any folks, all of which were shooting much higher priced equipment.

    That all being said, I just couldn't seem to hit the broadside of a barn today. My step-son and son-in-law did pretty well with it, but I was having an off day for sure.

    I hope to take it out again when I have more time and get it sighted in for me.

    Final thoughts...step son thinking about picking up the 995 after shooting this and he has NO guns right now. That's how much he liked it.
  2. 0311

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    Hey, not unusual to be off target a bit when excited about a new gun. Next time out just chill, you'll do much better.

  3. Hipointer

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    TommyGun, sounds good! Funny how others on the range, tend to actually see a Hi Point in action, then their interested. Lol.
  4. TommyGun

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    I just realized that my iPhone was kind enough to "autocorrect" some of my mistakes to the wrong words.

    But still, it was a great outing.

    Thanks for the comments folks. I enjoy this forum quite a bit.
  5. monsterdawg

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    My multifocals give me fits with my 995. Once I get my head tilted correctly, can shoot it pretty well, but have to go straight to the Chiropracter afterwards.

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