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Finally got to run my pre-pandemic purchase! The ranges here had been closed for most of the Pandemic, and just got around to running her. Didn't bring a rest or paper, but I was able to keep
a pop can dancing at 50 yards, and the steel 3" spinner swinging at 75yds. Sights seemed to be factory zeroed at 50yds. No optic other than a Olight Baldr laser combo (mounted to the barrel rail), which stayed zero'd , although I could only see it at 25yds since it was daylight. Ran 100rds of federal 124gr through her, and she only hiccuped once (ftf last mag round, of one factory mags). I'll take that all day for reliability, on a brand new carbine. Had a grin on my face the whole time, as did my adult daughter I brought with me.
This thing is just fun to shoot!(y)
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