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wow this thing is fun to shoot . sent 50 or so rounds down our make shift range , all were on the paper , with the bayonet off ! granted it was only 30 or 40 yards but i'm pretty blind , it was getting dark , and i was using the iron sights . the back of the tree i was shooting looks like a cannon shot it . i was expecting more kick after all the stories i've heard , but i'm used to shooting 40 or 50 rounds of buck shot out of my single shot 12ga. with no butt pad so i guess i just have an iron shoulder . only mishap was the rear band slid off and the hand guard wood slid forward about an inch . when i was done shooting i sprayed it out with amonia window cleaner . when i got home i used the transmission funnel and some boiling water , then hit it with some patches , a quick brush , and a few more patches followed with some oil . that ought to do it for cleaning it right ?

some water got on the wood and down into the magazine while i was washing it out and i didn't want it to leave water stains on the shellac like when you leave a coffee mug on a coffee table so i took the gun completely down to make sure everything was dry and clean . as long as i don't spill any water next time is it needed to completely strip the gun after shooting corrosive ammo ? i ask because every time i have to take the barrel bands off i scratch the hell out of the shellac . granted it takes all of 5 minutes to fix the shellac but it would be nice to not have to .

i also brought the tommy gun and the hi point . the tommy gun worked great even with the cheap ammo i was feeding it , the hi point not so much . i was using the brown bear 9mm and i had to slap the slide shut every other round , it doesn't do that with the blazer brass , but nowhere had it so brown bear it was . the butler creek grip sure made it nicer to shoot tho . then again i do only have like maybe 120 rounds thru the hi point .
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