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Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by tallbump, May 30, 2015.

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    So, Mrs. Tallbump had a baby shower to attend and took the girls. What's a fellow to do with his free time? Range trip, of course.

    I took the old Iver Johnson .22, the Mosin and the MP 15-22. First time I finally got to shoot the MP. Man, I love that thing. That Mosin kicked my arse though LOL

    Went to the state gamelands that has a fee range. One lane at 25 yards, 2 at 50 and a few at 100.

    Started at the 25 and sorta sighted in the scope on the MP.

    Sitting at a bench, but no real rest or stand, no bipod.

    First 10 shots


    5 more, just for fun


    A few more at 25, I was aiming at the #8


    5 rounds with the Mosin at 25 yards


    Moved to the 50 yard range and shot the MP some more





    Free hand, standing, 50 yards


    Also free hand standing at 50 (just one shot)


    One from the Mosin, free hand at 50


    The whole 50 yard target


    When I first got there, there was a guy by himself shooting at one of the 50s. He asked what I was shooting and I told him. He said he was looking for a Mosin but can't find one locally. When he was leaving I asked if he had ever shot a Mosin. He hadn't, so I let him put a few rounds through mine. He loved it and asked if he could take a casing to show his wife :D

    Then a group came, father, son, grandson. Grandpa hadn't shot in 20 years. They had a .22LR semiauto Savage for the boy, a nice lever action something, maybe .45? and some semi auto pistol.

    The boy, probably 11ish, kept eying up my MP. So when they were leaving I asked the dad if his son could and wanted to shoot it. Naturally, he was happy. Apparently, the dad appreciated my thoughtfulness because he gave me a 50 round box of Blazer .22

    All in all, it was a pretty good day
  2. lsi1

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    nice trip glad you had fun.

  3. Hipointer

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    Cool tallbump! Nice that you actually had someone repay you in .22 ammo. I have a couple of MN 91/30's, and they are good shooters. I can group them, off the bench, about 2.5 - 3 MOA. They seem to like the cheap 148 grain "Combloc" ball the best. Forget the Winchester 180's, they suck for accuracy.
  4. SteveC

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    nice gesture with the boy, Tall!
  5. tallbump

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    Thanks guys.

    I know when I see a cool gun, I want to shoot it. I figure how much more so for a pre-teen boy. Seemed wrong NOT to offer, you know?

    Honestly, my interactions with the other shooters was better than the shooting.

    The guy who shot my Mosin was carrying a pistol. I think he said it was a Canik. 9mm, 17+1 with a nice retention holster, like a Serpa. We talked that for a few minutes. I told him I traded a Hi Point 40 for a Mosin, he said he had a friend with a JCP.

    The grandfather with the other group, when they were leaving, said I wonder what my wife would do if I came home with a .45. He said she didn't want any guns in the house. I said that is what my wife said before I got my first, now I am up to six.

    I definitely want to get some type of stand/rest so I can really get my guns sighted in. I also learned that I stink with irons. I should have been way better with that Mosin. Guess I will need a scope mount to use it for hunting.

    But all in all it was a great day, and the overall experience was more important that if I would have been alone and shot super tight groups
  6. lsi1

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    don't mount a scope practice, practice, and more practice. it will come to you with practice. I know you have enough ammo to do that so no more excuses get out there and put rounds down range.

    I could mount a scope or red dot on my boy's crickett but what will he learn that way? After you've mounted irons then its time to get a scope says the guy with a red dot on a shotgun. ok 3 red dots 3 shotguns
  7. tallbump

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    That's a good point. In fact that is why I haven't put a scope on my daughters Rascal.

    I definitely have the ammo to practice. Don't know about the shoulder :eek:
  8. lsi1

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    the shoulder comes with practice.
  9. Bull

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    Don't fight the recoil..... Roll with it...
  10. MachoMelvin

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    My greatest regret's are the guns I've sold or traded, NOT the guns I've bought!
  11. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Two words, muzzle brake. :D

  12. Lucky you. I hope to get my car up & running and inspected :blush: in about a week - then I'll be looking at some range time.

  13. There are recoil slip on the buttstock plus ones that you wear like a jacket. I use the jacket type, as my arthritic shoulder won't take too much any more. :wah:

  14. A muzzle brake sure will work, but it seriously increases the noise - and the guys beside you may not like you very much! :rofl:
  15. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    I think I will look into a slip on pad.

    Or, I can put that synthetic stock back on as that has a nice cushion on it.

    And since that is what I will be using for hunting, might be a good idea to get practicing with it anyways
  16. Wait.... you went to the range and came out with MORE 22LR!?!?!?

    I know your strapped for cash, but find a dollar and play the lottery.
  17. rippinryno

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    Mosins are real fun guns. They're just not very accurate in my experience. It's a big old round and will take down an elk, but even when i have mine perfectly dialed in, there's a decent spread at 100yds. sounds like a great day at the range.

  18. I used to think that before I got one. Some M-N's don't shoot well because the bores are not in great shape. Plus during the war years quality control was pretty iffy and a .314 bore gives mediocre accuracy at best. Add to that the poor quality ammo & it's a crap shoot. Try some commercial ammo before you decide it is not a good shooter. :stir:
  19. Seen that first hand. First mosin i bought from a gun show I picked it because the stock was perfect, the bolt was easy and smooth. the crown and bore looked shiny and smooth good rifling.

    Took it home, and it wouldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

    Luckily my dad called the guy up, and he happily came by with a van full of mosins and let me pick another and try it out on the spot.
  20. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing.

    Funny thing is I probably shot about 50 rounds of 22, so I probably broke even.