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I finally had my first mis-feed, actually more than one!

I had to feed it a generous helping of soft lead SWC's to get a nose-down jam, but fianlly I got to act like the other guys on the firing line... I did the tap n'rack thing & heard the round hit the floor while I watched the next one slide into place. Having not practiced this before I wasn't familiar with the appropriate words of frustration that generally roll so freely off their tongues, but it was still semi-fulfilling.

My 14 year-old had somewhat of a misfeed too, another ND, but given that it was the first time he'd held it with live rounds I'm guessing he just didn't give it quite enough yank-back before he let go of the slide. He looked at me a little peculiar & I gave him no hints... he tapped & racked. Then popped his first round right into the head of my coyote target. Shoulda seen the look on his face, a mix of shock & pride, but you could almost watch the testosterone levels rise in his blood-stream!

the real treat though was my 12-year old. He'd been insisting he wasn't going to shoot it, kind of afraid of the recoil... but he watched his brother & decided he'd try "one". Yeah right! He let that one go and glanced back at me wide-eyed - you could read "OH YEAH" in those eyes. He finished-off that mag & then "please suh, may I have anothuh?" LOL!

NOW i really have to start reloading shells or I'll go broke, those two are addicts.
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