Finally ordered my Carbine!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Pud, Oct 21, 2007.

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    Hi guys,
    I was a member on the old board, then I never got my 9mm carbine, so when the board moved, I did not keep up.
    Well, I FINALLY got my 995 ordered a couple of days ago!
    So, I re-joined here...anxous to learn all I can about my new toy! :D
    I ordered the version with the 2 extra mags, and carrier on the stock.
    What do I need as far as a scope mount, and a scope?
    Appreciate all imput!!
  2. well i just got a new 995 the other day and it came with a scope mount, as for what to put on the mount, its up to what you like

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    IMHO... Wither you choose a Red Dot Sight or a Scope depends on how you want to shoot it. Red Dots are great for acquiring a target fast, and are great for close range shooting. If you want to shoot 50yards and out, a Scope might be in order. You can use a Red Dot at those ranges, but I like to see exactly where I'm hitting; and I cant see the small 9mm hole at 50yards.

    I normally shoot my 995 at 25yards and under and consider it more of a "tactical" short range weapon. When I shoot out past 50yards, I grab a real rifle like a 30-06 or .308 with a scope.


    Congrats on the 995! Even though the 995 is one of my cheapest firearms, its also one of my favorites. It goes with me to the range every time. Never once have I had a single problem with it. Money well spent.
  4. If you bought the carbine NIB, it will have a scope mount included in it. Congrats on the new toy!
  5. Most of the 995 owners have mounted red dots.
    I like the red dot,but require magnification to see my targets out beyond the 25 yard mark.
    I've got a couple of 4x32,but I thought the 9mm round could go further then that.
    I found a 6x32 mil dot scope on Ebay for a good price.
    It seems to work real well out past 50 yrds,and I keep a laser for up close work.
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    You're sure going to enjoy your new carbine. Have fun.