Finally picked up a CZ82....

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  1. Finally...



    Comes with all shown for $250 shipped on my C&R

    (These are the sellers pics, better to come when it arrives!)
  2. Very very nice!!

    I have been seriously tempted by one of those. I love the way yours looks.

    I just really don't need another caliber but still, its a great bang for the buck.

  3. Yeah, thats what I kept telling myself (especially after I sold my MAK and 1,000 rds of 9x18 ammo!)

    Oh well, here we go again! ;)
  4. I am jealous!!!! CZ82's in 9x18 and CZ83's in .380 are fantastic pistol's and makes a great CCW if you like good old fashoned steel frame guns with traditional DA/SA with exposed hammer.

    Joe, perhaps I am your long lost relative, several times removed, and when you decide to part ways with the CZ you can hand it down and know that it will be well cared for, shot quiet often and carried a lot. :)
  5. I'll do that cousin rimfirehunter....;)
  6. How big are the cz82/cz83? I have been thinking about maybe getting one.

    Buds gun shop (online) has the cz83 (380auto-12 rounds) for 372 dollars shipped.

    I'm sorely tempted only because I have a ton of 380 brass and figure that buying a gun and dies for the brass is the best way to make use of it.

    How big is the cz83 compared to say a 1911?
  7. JoeDoe22

    JoeDoe22 Member

    I want to get one of those one day.

    Nice pick up!
  8. bobotech,

    If you want to part with some of that .380 brass I will gladly accept it. Will save you the trouble of buying a new gun, dies and bullets to reload another caliber. :)

    The CZ83 is about the same size as a Makarov, but the grip frame is wider to accept the double stack magazine its also wee bit heavier than a standard Mak.
  9. Ari

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    Wow that is a nice one... Most of them I have seen have a rub mark on the side of the slide