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finally sent some rounds...

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down the barrel of my C9 yesterday afternoon. I've had it since March. I'm glad to read that these guns have a break-in period. I know most do, but I had a few failure-to-feed jams out of almost a hundred rounds. I'm anxious to put another hundred or so through it, and have it running smoothly clip after clip.

I'm very impressed with the accuracy. Right out of the gate, it was grouping 6-8" from 25'. I was absolutely amazed when I emptied the first couple clips, because I have some fun little metal hanging targets. Like some small half inch steel circles, and thick guage steel, short pieces of tubing that pings when hit with small caliber, like a .22, etc...just fun stuff to plink at. But I stood about 15' away, and I tethered a couple of them up and hit about eveything I shot at, 1 round at a time. It was a (had to be there) type of thing, but...the C9 made me look good right off the bat:) I wasn't feeling too good about the FTFs, but I'm glad to see, through reading up alittle here, that that's normal break-in issues. Can't wait to get past that.
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what type of ammo are you sending down range?
WWB is no go for me.. but Remington UMB or Blazer Brass or Monarch is OK no problem.
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