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finally sent some rounds...

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down the barrel of my C9 yesterday afternoon. I've had it since March. I'm glad to read that these guns have a break-in period. I know most do, but I had a few failure-to-feed jams out of almost a hundred rounds. I'm anxious to put another hundred or so through it, and have it running smoothly clip after clip.

I'm very impressed with the accuracy. Right out of the gate, it was grouping 6-8" from 25'. I was absolutely amazed when I emptied the first couple clips, because I have some fun little metal hanging targets. Like some small half inch steel circles, and thick guage steel, short pieces of tubing that pings when hit with small caliber, like a .22, etc...just fun stuff to plink at. But I stood about 15' away, and I tethered a couple of them up and hit about eveything I shot at, 1 round at a time. It was a (had to be there) type of thing, but...the C9 made me look good right off the bat:) I wasn't feeling too good about the FTFs, but I'm glad to see, through reading up alittle here, that that's normal break-in issues. Can't wait to get past that.
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Thanks for the honorary membership HiPoint45!.lol...mag, magazine...tomato tomahto...My shotguns and bookshelves have magazines. In the 70s, you upgraded your wheels to mags. Handguns and assault rifles have clips.;)...nah, just trying to break the ice. definitely not making waves.

I appreciate the warm welcome though! I can tell that HPFF has a very good memberbase. great group of folks.
Thanks again.
Hopefully I'll get to toss some lead downrange with my C9 for the first time this weekend. I've only had mine for a few weeks, how did you go that long without trying it out?? :D
oh believe me. I almost scratched my itchy trigger finger off.
I can't wait to go through a few more boxes now. I had a blast.(pun intended)
well, I just got back from another 100 rounds.

I have used American Eagle FMJ, S&B FMJ, Federal Hidra-shock, and I bought a box of Remington FMJs before I went today, but I didn't even get into those. I really wanted to. I forgot I had them.

The first rounds that I shot were the hidra-shoks, which are aluminum cased. From what I've been told, and read, what I should be useing throughout break-in. But I had a jam or 2 with them every mag, so I went to the others. I'm hoping I can grab some Blazers before this weekend. If not, I'll just get some more Remingtons. I haven't shot the Remingtons yet, but...they're Remington.

I only had a couple of jams today. It seemed to run a little smoother. I'll just keep going. I can see where polishing that feed would help. That really seems to be the issue. It's just not very smooth. It feeling like it would grab round rather then just letting them slide into the chamber smoothly.
update: I went through another hundred rounds yesterday. That totals up to right around 300rds, give or take a few. I picked up a box of Blazers before I went. I realize why Hydra Shoks were jamming so bad. They are probably the worst thing to try to feed up that feed ramp. The sharp lip of the hollow point edge catches, but, the new C9 ran much smoother yesterday. It had 1 jam during the first mag and not another after that. I went through 50 Remington FMJ, and 50 Blazer FMJ. smooth as butter. I'm really starting to dig that C9. It is so accurate!

I can really see where polishing the feed ramp would help speed up any feed issues, which I keep Hydra Shoks in it and it didn't want to feed the first one when I got home. I cleaned and oiled the feed ramp along with the tips of the rounds, and it fed the first round smoothly then. I probably need to get some Powerball JHPs to keep in it until it's fully broke in. or get a new Dremel and polish that feed ramp.
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