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  1. For many years since I purchased my 550b from a friend. I have a\had a brass feeder that
    I could not use due to ceiling height. I took the press of the "strong mount" today, lowering it by 8 inches so I could use the auto-brass feeder. Should have done this a long time ago.

    Here are three short videos of a Dillon 550b now with feeder running.
    1st is internal shot of the feeder. 2nd is external shot of feeder (note that it has a clutch that I have not yet adjusted, so once it 200 rounds I have to "bump start" it when it binds from weight or a sideways round).

    3rd video shows the press in operation completing a round at each pull. Please forgive my incorrect vernacular. I believe I said "de-sizer+ instead of de-primer for the first step. First Youtube video... finally got acceptable cam.

    I also refereed to stage one as the "de-sizer rather than the de-primer. Please forgive my complete you-tuber greeness!

    this is a collection of short videos... 1st, brass feeder inside. 2nd, brass feeder external.
    3rd, makin" rounds.

    Sorry vis two is sideways. I WILL figure this stuff out! lol




    If you've had/have any question regarding Dillon presses, I hope this displays the answer you wanted. If not, pleas
    let me know and I would be more than happy to explain or use the opportunity to make another vid. These above are my first
    ever videos. hope they weren’t too disappointing! ;-) I know they were breif, but my intent was to keep them right to point.
  2. Not bad for your first videos.

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    I swear it looks like your brass feeder dropped a case in upside down.
  4. Thanks! Should have taken the time to figure out how to flip the sideways one, right side up... But I think they showed the system adequately.
  5. Don't thinks so... They all came out the bottom OK... ;)
  6. I can see how a case feeder can make the process easier but I don't load quickly, I look in each case for powder and look for a primer on the carrier each pull of the handle.

    My 550 works great at my normal leisurely pace and I'm not sure a brass feeder would make things much better.

    Plus I like my reloading to be quiet. Music (or TV ) in the background is okay if it's not too loud.
  7. I like my Lee Turret for the same reason. If you need a 1000 rounds a month then Dillon's are fine.