Finally Shot C9

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    Finally got my C9 to the range. At first I was not happy with the accuracy. :cry: I actually put it down and shot my 4095, since the 995 is back at HP. Then, I decided to try, again. After about 50 more rounds and a few tweaks on the rear sight adjustment it suddenly pulled in to where I thought it should be. So, after a total of 200 rounds, that day I was happy. :D A few days later I took it back out. Since I plan to carry this thing outside the house I have to qaulify with it per dept regs. So, I went back to the range and shot a 99.6%. I threw the very first round from the hip. If it had not been for that round I would have scored a 100%. My partner (the head firearms guy) made fun of the gun, but couldn't refute the score. After I finished qaulifying I hit some steel head poppers from 15 yards and hardly ever missed. This thing is spot on, now. From 50 yards I was hitting a 10x12 steel plate. The first time out I had an inner tube on the grip, but on the second trip Hogues were on it. My shooting buddy is now looking and we had another guy with us who was quite impressed and took back some of the things he said before we began shooting. I'm now happy to own the 4095, 995 and C9.
  2. That is the best advertising Hi Point can get. Guys having to eat their words and say "Well maybe it aint such a bad weapon after all" ;)