Finally Shot My 40!

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    Well, I finally got s chance to shoot my JCP 40, and boy, does she shoot sweet! No pictures yet (sorry Gunny!), but hope to have some soon. I only shot one box of ammo, but I had no misfires or FTF's, and I (mostly) hit what I was aiming at, at around 15 yards. Can't wait to get the 45! The trigger pull was way better than I expected, and the gun just performed flawlessly. I'm really impressed with this gun, and even my wife thought it was "easy" to shoot, and "didn't kick much". Now maybe she won't protest too much when I want to add to my collection! :p
  2. Congrats and Condolences:
    Congrats on the fine handgun.
    Condolences on catching Hi-Point-itis. There is no cure. Of course, we are not looking for one! :lol: