Finally some decent pics of the SKS after restoration...

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    Ok, this had to be the WORST case of cosmoline that I have seen in a long time! It was black and so thick that it blocked the barrel, and the wood was nearly black. But, I attacked it with some BreakFree Powder Blast, tons of scrubbing with dishsoap in the bath, and a ton of elbow grease. Then I applied my signature anal-retentive polishing process to the bolt that was suffering from a case of surface rust and neglet. The result?

    A gun that cost me $149 in "Good" condition that is now in a condition that they were charging $249 for!



    And just for reference, the "Before" pic.

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    Looks good man!

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    Lookin' good!

    Now give that furniture some TLC, and get to convertin' it, so you can use those removable mags!
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    I'm probably going to store that stock once I get my enough cash to get the folder I want. And, luckily everything that I'm looking to do to it contributes to 922r compliance. Eventually it will come with:

    -ATI Folding stock
    -Tapco 20 round detachable magazine
    -Tapco threaded muzzle break

    Debating on if I REALLY want to spend the extra $30 on a Red Dot/Holographic sight, since I've gone nearly 16 years shooting without one. That and I really don't want to get too Tacti-Cool with it. I just want a reliable, durable combat-ready longarm in the collection, and at this price I couldn't of made the better choice.
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    I'm the same way shot so long without the red dot, when I tried it, I wasn't a huge fan. Maybe it was just because the BSA red dot that I tried was an utter piece of crap...
  6. I read recently that Easy Off or any other brand oven cleaner is a good cosmo remover. I think I may try that next time.
  7. Dang...looks good man. It is simply amazing what is hiding under the cosmoline when you get it cleaned off sometimes.
  8. sweet. Looks like a nice rifle and a good buy!

    btw if you want it I have a leapers high rise receiver cover scope mount layin around.

    When I got my yugo it wasn't cosmolined to death but the barrel was hella dirty. Being a 100 dollar plinker I never did properly clean it up. I'm finially doing it and even after tons of cleaning it still isn't all the way there! Bore isn't shiny, but lands are clean. Still have to get crap out of the grooves.

    Thanks for the feet pic btw :wink:
  9. Read that letting the barrel soak in HOT water and a bunch of dawn dish soap will do the trick of loosening the cosmo out of the grooves, then brushing it out will pull it all out. Might wanna try that to save yourself alot of waiting. Also spraying that brakecleaner down there might not be a bad bet either. But leaving it submerged for awhile will ensure that everything is cleaned out. I went and bought a cheap cotton barrel mop, attached it to my pullthrough cable and started it just enough to plug the end of the barrel, and the squirted a good dose of dish soap into the other end, then slowly pulled it through to get a good concentraded coat of soap on through the barrel. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes, then brushed it a few times, patched it, rinsed a few times with clean water, then patched the crap out of it, last couple with a couple drops of oil, and my barrel was pristine. Might wanna try that once you get most of the gunk out.
  10. Has anyone tried Simple Green? I use that stuff to clean my ATVs and I am always amazed at how effective it is while, at the same time, being completely non harsh. Just a thought, might be worth a try.
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    Thanks for the scope offer, but I might pass since I've never used scopes but a few times, and after the lasik surgery I'm good to go on vision :D Besides, I'm going to be building a streamlined compact build with a folding stock and very little in the way of tactical add-ons. I still haven't had a chance to fire it, but re-screwed on the Grenade launcher before taking it out to shoot just in case I irritate some forest ranger :p
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    Nice nice. Now two questions.

    1) I never asked before, but what in the hell is Cosmoline and why is it on the SKS's?

    2) How is the "Pimp" rifle coming along? Any news and updates?
  13. I tried the Simple Green route and wasn't that impressed. It didn't work real well on the caked up dried on cosmo, however, went to Wal-mart and picked up a large stock pot, filled it with water, boiled it, and dipped the action in it for about 15 minutes. Also dropped in the bolt and other metal pieces and virtually melted the cosmo off. Watch out, the metal gets pretty hot which isn't bad because the water evaporates real fast off of it. Following that, I reassembled the rifle, did a standard cleaning job on it and it looked fine. This summer, I plan on hanging the stocks out in the hot July sun and melt the stuff out of them too.
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    Excellent question! First off:

    -Pimp My Mosin new data posted just last night! Tried a bit of chroming, but ran out of the alloy wash for the kit. Haven't got any brass solution yet so I haven't done the magazine or trigger. Wood is freshly stained and will be clearcoated when I get the next day off. Here's the new assembled pics with the nearly finished barrel

    -Cosmoline is the chemical solution they slather a gun in when they decomission it and throw it into armory storage. It's meant to keep rust from getting to the metal portions of the gun and, while it does an excellent job of protecting the gun in storage, it is a PITA to remove! It's a thick substance that gets into EVERYTHING and can cause major malfunctions if not completely removed from the rifle. The downside is that it can also soak into wood, preserving it but at the same time it takes alot of steady heat and chemicals to totally remove it. Often it takes several sessions at the range or quite a few days on a plastic tarp in the sun to heat the wood enough to clear it out.
  15. oo thanks for the reminder about simple green . I've got an ATV to clean tomorrow.

    Thanks to taurus as well, I hadn't really thought about that, but it ought to work fine. I did do something similar(plugging the barrel) and letting it soak with powder blast but I had a hard time getting a good seal.
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    Easy Off works great on the cosmo that soaks into the stocks
    Spray wait 15 min's scrub, wash off with water let it dry out repeat
    took my turk mauser down to solid black oak :shock: with nice grain pokeing through.
    You guy's keep them firing pin chanels cleaned out on them SKS's
    dont want to burn up 10 rounds on 1 pull :wink:
    of course if your into that kind of stuff :wink: just dont clean her for a few thousands rounds

    Nice find Neo
    i have given J and G more money then I care to Admit LOL
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    I used it on mine. worked great.