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well, ya'll, I'm finally getting around to my holster customization. hopefully, once I'm through, I'll wind up with a very good quality holster, and still come out cheaper than buying one aleady done. the beauty is, even if I wind up spending a little extra, it'll still be a better fit than any of the others out there.

the plan:
One of teh biggest drawbacks of teh Crosman holster is the fact that when I draw, I can only get my bottom 2 fingers around the grip. what I plan on doing for that is to cut out a little of the excess material around the trigger guard ( making sure not to expose the trigger guard) and to sew up a little bit of the muzzle end of the holster, allowing the gun to ride up inthe holster just enough to allow a full grip on the draw.

the next step will be to remove the cumbersome snap/buckle set up and replace it with a proper thumb break. this is the only place where I (should) be spending any extra money, to buy a button snap.

lastly, I'll be repositioning the velcro belt loop in order to give it a tighter feel on teh belt, and to allow a proper forward cant.

As soon as I get the chance, I'll take some pics of the during and after, and step by step instructions in case anyone else wants to try this out.
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