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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Taurus357, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Finally did it. I had to learn as I couldn't afford to get "behind the curve" so I did it. I installed Vista Ultimate today. And I must say, it's not as bad as I had feared. Now I just gotta figure it all out. So other then my video driver tweakin out on me here and there It's doin ok for now.
  2. Vista?
    Is that what they're calling Windows 3.2?


  3. It's junk dude, you're gonna regret it down the road.
  4. Yes uninstall it NOW take it from me as I have my degree in CNS it is a pain in the butt because of all the nonsense security and driver issues. But the main PITA is that some hardware just will not work with it so you have have to buy a new digi cam printer pda and other hardware and that gets expensive and ridiculous.
  5. I've pretty much mastered XP. And trust me, I don't need to be talked out of it as I've been a hater ever since I first tried it out. Honestly hardware issues are blown out of proportion. It's new and awkward. Is it as "refined" as XP is, of course not, XP has been around forever. I've done enough reading to know it isn't going to be a flop like Win ME was. Not to be rude, but I was looking for others with experience, not people telling me to stay away from it. I know all the common complaints as, like i mentioned, I have been a complainer for a long time. But eventually I will, just as anyone else in the IT field, will have to suck it up and embrace it as it's going to be mainstream and what you don't know will be a short coming. What made me do it was I was BSing with someone last night for awhile and the topic of computers came up and I made the mistake of mentioning that it's what I do and next thing I know I was offering to "atleast take a look at it" and I was stumbling around in Vista trying to figure out what everything had been renamed and relocated to.
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    Vista is a pretty good OS. I have been using it since it was in Beta and although there are some driver issues; mostly older printers, many of them have been cleared up.

    You can always turn off Windows Defender but unless you are doing a lot of sys-admin stuff or wrighting software (I'm a software developer) you shouldn't need to.

    Be warned that after you installed Vista, the hard drive will thrash for a loooong time. It does stop eventually as it indexes things. Supposed to do that so don't worry about it.

    One of the reasons the drivers are (were?) an issue is that the driver model is new. All of the old 16 bit code is dead.

    Welcome to the 21st century...
  7. I didn't run into too many issues except for 1 with a digicam and felt that the format/layout was very intuitive.
  8. If you are going to support it, you've got to bite the bullet and learn it. 90% of the new PC's sold have Vista, so at some point it won't be optional.
    Good to know the ME still gives a few others the "shivers". :lol:
  9. Yea I'm happy with it other then a little bit of a slow down in performance, which was totally expected. Now I gotta sell off the two 512 DDR2s that I have and buy two 1gigs to speed things up a bit. And yes, ME was a nightmare. Currently in an ongoing debate with a friend who swears Vista is the next ME and wont last long.
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    i hope ur friend is right. sorry but i have yet to see a benefit over xp sp2...
  11. Benefits? wWell honestly none really. Runs a little smoother with less hangups as I had with XP, but honestly nothing noticable outside the obvious eye candy aspect. But like I have said is my main motivation for the upgrade is to learn it. I could afford to be stubborn in the past with OSs. I stuck with 2000 forever before giving in. It will happen eventually, most people will upgrade whether they like it or not. I had no plans on upgrading untill a couple big updates and service packs were out, but I can't afford to get that far behind the curve.
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    ok i wish to start this out by saying i am a computer n00b. I am not the software writer or an IT genius, i am a gamer though and i'm looking for a new computer. What i want to know is if its better to get vista now when i get a new computer, or just get the xp? i am currently running xp and i can work with it a bit... whats your guys' advice on this?
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    Stick with XP, till you HAVE to switch....thats what I am doing.

  14. I couldn't agree more!
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    If you are a gamer, it's all about video card compatability and driver support. Vista is cool and drivers are getting there but I haven't seen ANY games that are faster in Vista than XP. Until they start shipping games specifically for the 64bit versions of Vista (and you have a 64 bit processor) there isn't any compelling reason to run Vista over XP.
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    My system had Vista Ultimate installed instead of the Vista Home Premium as listed on the box, maybe the manufacturer of my computer run out of Home Premium disks and gave me a free up-grade. Any How all of my favorite games seemed to have issues with the Visa Ultimate and Microsoft always said I had to contact the game manufacturer and the game manufacturer stated I had to call Microsoft. Well Vista Ultimate is out and XP Pro is in and I have not had a single issue since.
  17. For games, stick with XP for sure.

    As for the free upgrade for you GM, vistas features, and there for version, is the same install for everyone. It's the key they enter that tells it what you paid for. This makes it handy for future upgrades. You enter the new key, poof new options. If you have no need to upgrade to vista, then I recommend staying put where you are. But I personally feel the need to learn it for my career field to keep myself flexable. Ultimate is cool, but loaded with features I'll probably never really use, but who knows, we'll see. Might get froggy and try something new.