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    Finally got my two free magazines from S&W for my M&P....can't really complain since they are free but well worth the wait:D ....anywho, had a feeling there were some goodies in the mail yesterday and sure enough there they were!
  2. good for you, when did you send in the stuff? I sent mine the 15th of Feb and am still waiting...I did however recieve my Club 1852 membership card...I saw that S&W envelope and I got all giddy but.... :( No Check or Mags

  3. did I miss something? why did you get free stuff? :confused:
  4. Smith and Wesson has some rebates and offers for new purchases...Sigmas and M&Ps $50 bucks and two extra mags....
  5. I'm still waiting for my free 500 bullets from Hornady and my free buck knife from Legacy Sports.

    Yeah, you gotta pay shipping but still, its fun to get free stuff.