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    Took the kids to a gun show today (C & E Shows at the Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, Va), finally found my C9. YOOHOOO!!!! I had one on order at my dealer since 3/22, every distributer they talked to has been back ordered for the last 2 weeks. :? Gotta call them up tomorrow and cancel the order.

    There were 3 dealers there that had HPs. The first one I stopped at had brought 12 C9s with them in their stock, and they were all sold out the first day of the show!! That says a lot for the increasing popularity of HP.

    The 3rd dealer I found (tucked away back in the corner) still had some left, so I bought one (I got tired of waiting). While I was filling out the paperwork, someone else was looking at the C9. I told him about their warranty, customer service, etc, etc, and he wound up buying it too. I joked with the lady asking if she'd cut me a break since I just sold one for her. She told me they were already discounted and I knew it too. Oh well, cant blame a guy for trying. :wink: :lol:

    The C9 with a 10 rd mag was about $180. I also picked up 2 Crossman holsters, one for the C9 and one for my son's air soft pistol.

    Here's the little cuttie.


    And here she is with the Crossman holster and both mags being broke in. I'm gonna like the fit of the 10rd much better, I have kinda big hands. Now to order a Hogue Handall.


    Thanks all for helping make this decision. Now for some range time. :twisted:
  2. jealous...over three weeks waiting for my Firearms ID card and I want one so bad

  3. cool...congrats!
  4. you have to get some kind of special ID before you can buy a gun in New Jersey?

    oh and to the OP, congratulations on your new purchase. I bought a used C9 (I'm only the third owner. teh first owner fired it once, and teh second owner never fired it once. the feed ramp still had the black paint on it) still in the box like new AND a Lorcin L380 for a hundred dollars.

    Personally, I don't care how much smack folks talk about them, they are an excellent little pistol. Once I (finally) get my HCP the C9 is what I will be carrying, I trust mine that much.
  5. yeah we need a background check criminal (fingerprinted)and mental to get a FID card for longarms takes about 30 days to get but we also need a special permit for each handgun purchase we cant even touch a gun in the store till we have it we probably have a waiting period but havent gotten that far yet
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    that mag on the left.. i was pretty sure no hi-point 9mm mags had that large plastic base on them... might wanna check that its actually a 9mm mag and not a 40.
  7. Looks like it's probably the 10-round 9mm that comes with the COMP.
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    It's definitely a 9mm/.380 mag, it's a 10 round, reason for the large base. I mentioned above the pic it's a 10 round mag. 8)
  9. That is the 19 round mag for the C9 and the 380, they are interchangeable. I only use the 10 rounder because I too have big hands and like the feel. Plus I can fired 40 rounds faster than my dad who only likes the 8 rounders.
  10. Nice C9...congrats. Take it to the range now and shoot it and give us a report.