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  1. SWAGA

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    So after years and years....and years.......and years...the spousal unit agreed to getting her CCW and I joined her in the training class as a refresher as mine expires next year.

    Reviewed Florida gun laws the night before we went so she’d at least be familiar with some of the legalese.
    Snazzy local indoor range that opened up a couple of years ago.
    Large shop, lotsa tactical dudes.
    Anyway class was a little disorganized as I think we had a last second replacement instructor, some bodies that enrolled didn’t show up and so on.
    Death by PowerPoint was merciful as our review the night before was longer then the class itself.
    Couple of questionable statements but hey cooperate to graduate.

    From the classroom to the adjacent shooting lanes.
    So I shot a Glock 17


    Wifey threatened to murder me in my sleep if I took a picture of her target so here’s mine.
    Guy next to me was shooting for the X and I’m like..not what I’m here for

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  2. FlashBang

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    I'm impressed, you scored 36 points at 3 yards..... :lol:
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  3. mr_flintstone

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    Yeah, but that’s 10 kills at 3 yards. Way to go Swags. On my concealed carry test, head and heart shots were worth 10, and everything else went down from there.
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  4. Dubar

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    I'm glad I live in VA!!! I got my permit online, no kidding.

    Well, watched a 45min video and took a test ($50), and out printed the paperwork I needed to take to the clerk of the court. $53 (court fee and parking) and 10 days later and I had a permit from the state police.

    Friends of mine in ND say it's a PITA getting a permit there.
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  5. thundercroozer

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    Are the other 29+ holes in the hanger yours also? :D:D
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  6. SWAGA

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    Not that it really matters, 5 shots at 5 and 5 shots at 7 yards.
    When I did mine 6 years ago it was one (!) shot with a revolver pretty much at powder burn distance.
    Figured 3 in his heart the rest in his head.
  7. Dragonbreath

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    Permits are done online here. No video, no test. Just fill out the form, and wait. Two or three weeks and you get a email saying to come pay and pick up the permit. Basically they just want the money.
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  8. My wife took an NRA course here a couple of years ago. Her first shot on that target was a crotch shot, the rest were in the chest. Not too bad for her first time shooting. I asked her if she was trying to tell me something with that first shot...
  9. Dubar

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  11. SWAGA

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    Website said “don’t bring your own gun”.....instructor said “who brought their own gun?”
    Would have used the JHP in Glockalicious Paradise.
  12. AGuyNamedMike

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    Up here in Alaska where we have permitless carry anyway we still have a pretty good requirement for the ACHP (Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit). The approved competency courses are fairly standardized and emphasize the laws. Mine was taught by an off duty Alaska State Trooper who was able to describe real life scenarios and outcomes, not just hypotheticals. Prints and photo must meet standards too. NICS Exempt stamp is a nice bonus.

    Learn the laws in your state!

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  13. Dave4903

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    Which gun is she going to carry?
  14. CowboyBob

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    PA is great.... pay your fee, get your picture taken and card comes in the mail good for 5 years. No class.... yes, some need it.... but it's less infringement.
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  15. SWAGA

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    She’s not....likely.
    Not unless we’re talking state of emergency, long term power outage hurricane situation.
    Two years ago after Irma she went looking for a new chain for the chainsaw after we returned from evacuation.
    After about an hour or so she came back upset that I’d send her out with traffic lights not working, people racing though intersections and fighting in line at gas stations.
    So under those conditions yes she’ll carry from now on.
    Then she’ll probably carry her own DA only Beretta or one of my .380’s

    * the main reason for her CCW is the fact that I carry....99% of potential issues or legal pitfalls are covered with her having a CCW.
    Gun within reach in the car or “hey honey hold my gun” while I go into the Post Office, Courthouse, or any other place of nuisance.
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  16. mr_flintstone

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    Sounds like your wife is like mine. She has no particular aversion to guns, but concealed carry is just something she was never interested in. She’s carried in her car a few times (which was always allowed in KY), but that’s about it. She once said she’d take the CCDW class if it was only women, but never pursued it. Now that the state has gone Constitutional Carry I won’t have to worry as much about her. 99.9% of the time we go out of state, I’ll be with her, but she travels a lot in state.
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  17. TCB

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    Got a concealed carry permit for my wifey by filling out a form online for her. No course required in my Alabama county or this would have been a nonstarter for her. The main reason for getting it is to keep her legal in the event she gets pulled over driving my car since there is usually (always) a loaded 9mm stashed in the console and a permit is required for that here. She did go to the range with me a few weeks ago for only the second time in our 30 years together. She had fun with the .22s, but wasn't interested in shooting the handguns or heavier artillery.
  18. SWAGA

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    SWMBO made an appointment for her CCW application :bounce:

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  19. Hipointer

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    .....and mine. I just don't get it.
  20. SWAGA

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    SWMBO was favorable towards some sort of carry insurance or legal aid program so joined Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.
    $135 first year, $95 renewal and $65/each additional family member.
    What helped make my decision was this video by Warrior Poet Society where he discusses the need for some type of insurance with an attorney who specializes in SD cases.
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