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    Hopefully neither of you ever has to actually use your CC weapon, but it's good to be covered just in case.
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    We both watched every minute we could catch on the Zimmerman/Trevon Martin case so she was well aware how much a defense could cost.
    She still says she won’t carry but if she shoots an intruder she’ll need an attorney.
    We’re probably going to choose a local one who’s in the network and keep their info on our phone contacts.


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    US Lawshield. It doesn't even have to be firearm related.
  4. Attended a presentation on the legal aspects of self defense a few years ago. Single most important thing I took away from it is: SHUT THE F UP!!!!

    Don't make a statement or talk to the cops without an attorney present. Even the most innocuous statement can be used against you.
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    "* the main reason for her CCW is the fact that I carry....99% of potential issues or legal pitfalls are covered with her having a CCW.
    Gun within reach in the car or “hey honey hold my gun” while I go into the Post Office, Courthouse, or any other place of nuisance."

    Ummmmm.........federal offense having a firearm on USPS grounds which would include the parking lot.

    I carried a firearm either snapped in a holster in the glove box, or snapped in a holster in a bag behind the seat of my pickup in Florida for years. Never had a permit. Didn't need one. Yes, I had conversation with the Naples cops once and consented to a search even though they had no legal reason to.
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    I also chose ACLDN. One of the big deciders for me is that they don't ONLY cover defense with guns like Second Call Defense and some others do.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Neither does ACLDN. Prices are similar too. IMS, I liked some of the ACLDN benefits a little bit better for my personal circumstance.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Uh’ll be arrested for sure.
    1. Be the first to call the cops
    2. Don’t move evidence around
    3. Upon arrival tell them you are the victim
    4. You shot out of self defense
    5. Point out evidence and witnesses.
    6. You’re too emotionally distraught for a detailed statement.

    If you plead the 5th from the moment the cops show up you’ll be arrested and in jail, possibly without bail or a bail you can’t afford to pay till trial time.
    Try that vs.

    - Departed broke into my house by smashing the sliding door, his hammer is there by the kitchen cabinet.
    - I woke up and got my flashlight and my gun
    - He charged at me with one of my own kitchen knifes.
    - I was forced to shoot to defend myself.
    - My wife is a witness and the neighbor came running over after he heard the shot.
    - The deceases has the knife by his side and my gun is in the bedroom on the nightstand holstered and on safe. pick.
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    Been watching the DVD's? They're good.

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. Yes and he ran through real life situations, several along the lines of what you outlined, where the home owner was charged because he gave an honest and truthful statement.

    Different circumstances, not gun or shooting related, but a friend of mine spent 3 years in prison because a Pennsylvania State Police detective 'said' he confessed. No record of the interview or so called confession, no evidence, nothing. Just a police officer's word against his.

    You do what you want but if you ask an attorney I suspect he'll say call the cops and report the shooting but then call me and don't say anything till I get there.
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    We don’t disagree, not really anyway.
    When cops come to the scene they’ll start building a picture.
    Here’s a dead guy with a knife, here’s broken glass and a hammer, here’s a distraught home owner and his wife.
    You’re not telling them anything they haven’t put together themselves yet.
    Plain and simple that’s it.
    You’re cooperating to the extend you’re capable off.
    This is the first person you’ve shot in your life (?) and you saw his lights go out in front of you and you’re emotionally distraught I might hope.
  12. You're right, and that was exactly the point he was making. Law enforcement will put the facts together and your statement is the icing on the cake so to speak. He gave several examples of statements given to the police and how those statements were used against the home owner in court. He also pointed out that when law enforcement is involved in a shooting (and it varies from state to state, but in most states) they have 72 hours to make a statement. That's 72 hours to calm down, think things through and speak to an attorney.

    That was another point he hammered away at. When something like this happens you're wound up, full of adrenaline and your brain is running full speed ahead. You're answering questions without thinking how your words can be taken or twisted out of context. Particularly when you have a DA or police department that is anti 2A.

    Look at it this way, we've all made comments from time to time that, in hindsight, didn't come the way we intended. Normally it's something stupid and embarrassing but we get over it. But do you really want to risk having a stupid comment moment when you're answering questions after a self defense shooting?
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    However, do you want to be arrested now or later or maybe never?
    Not making any sort of statement will get you arrested now.
    Dead man on the ground don’t tell no tales and you’ve got the gun.
    That’s a homicide and off to jail you go.
    Till you make bail or they get around to your case 5-6 months from now.
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    NE Utah
    You’re twisting things up.

    He’s not making NO statement, he’s just saying, “Wait until my lawyer gets here, he’s on his way, and I’m too upset to talk right now.”

    If they want to arrest him now, based on that....he might have cause to sue, and his lawyer will be happy to help with that.

    Unless you live in a place with bad cops and stupid lawyers, it’s not as bad as you are painting it.
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    Taking a nap afterwards isn't recommended either. I have the double edged benefit of the camera system. They'll need a warrant to get it without consent though.
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    So if Rachel ever invites you over to his place have a note pinned to yourself " He has a camera system. Get a warrant"