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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by bamaboy06, Nov 5, 2007.

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    I got my new SKS put back together.I took an air sander and stripped the finish completely off the stock all the way back down to the natural wood.The one on top is my new SKS and the other is one i bought from Classic Arms about a year ago.I haven't decided if i want to leave it in it's original state or drop it in a Fiberforce stock.I have another one with a black Tapco T-6 stock on it but i really like the looks of the Fiberforce stock.What do you guys think?
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    keep the wood

    I personally do not like the fiberforce stock (a friend has an ak variant in one). I have the tapco t6 on a Ruger mini14 and love it (i did a nice camo job before installing, will try to remember to post a shot) Any way, it you keep the wood you may wanna seal it to protect it.

  3. bamaboy06

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    I already did.You can't really tell by the pic but i stained the stock.I used a very light and natural stain.It has some polyurethane mixed in it so it seals it pretty good.
  4. Nice furniture for sure.... Did you re-stain the wood or just leave it natural with a clear coat? That's what it looks like to me, just clear coated. Looks sharp though!
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    The stain is Minwax-natural 209.I like it because it makes the wood look like it is still in it's natural state but it also has the clear coat mixed in with it so it seals it and gives it that glassy look.I guess i will have to just buy me another SKS to put in the Fiberforce stock.I like the wood on this one way too much to modify it.Sounds like a good reason to buy another one to me.
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    I like it just the way it is
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    yep.....definately need 2 or 3 of those...

    invest now-prices have been and still are going UP,UP,UP on all SKS's
  8. I'm not the best person to ask, as I don't have one yet (Yet!), but I like original wood; plastic just kinda rubs me the wrong way on these.

    You did great work on the furniture, and if they were mine, I'd leave the aftermarket stuff alone. But that's just me, and you have to accede to your inner muse.
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    Yeah, i am going to leave this one in it's original form.I have another one with the aftermarket stuff on it and like i said,this will give me a reason to get another one.I don't think four will be too many.