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forgot my camera to get a pic of my targets but shot some pretty good groups with my cp with both wolf and blaser brass, both fed very well, only had one shell that failed to see itself in the chamber all the way, may be due to me having gloves on or a nick in the caseing, other thatn that my 380 shot flawlessly also , with some weard brand ive never used before, i would have to say now i like my hipoints more than my xd

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I used to have both (C9 and CF380). I liked them both very much. I ended up trading the 380 for an early model C9. I found I didn't shoot it as much as the C9. I did like the fact that the mags were interchangeable.

Congrats on your choice of handguns. I know you will have fun shooting them both. Just don't load the wrong ammo in the wrong gun! 8)

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