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    i recently bought a gas mask from my local surplus store and the directions are in finnish, does any one on the forum have the same one or speak finnish? :lol:
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    whats the model number?

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    pills= i dont know the model number all i know is it was made in 1981

    urotu= thanks thats the first sight ive seen that actually works.
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    damn only 10 traslations before you have to buy.
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    Bummer man, I'm sorry.

    Translation programs are tough to find, but they're out there. It's how I found out my handle was Croation for "conspiracy", haha..

    I use for most, but it didn't have Finnish, but it does have a few others. What engine do you use to search?
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    Post a picture. Most of those masks are copies of US masks. If it is the "bug eye" style mask with cheek filters it is a copy of the US M17 series. There are enough of us current and prior military out their I am sure one of us can identify it.
  8. I agree. Also, what is it that you are trying to do to it? Let us know man.
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    well i saw it and it was marked $15 and went ahead and bought it mainly for cool factor but then it made me think it wouldnt hurt to have it in the shtf gear especialy considering our nations enemies, so i just wanted to know how to use it just incase. :)

    this is the same one.
  10. Since the mask was made in 1981 I would definitely replace all the flutter valves, get a spare head strap and filters that are dated for the current year. I wear a respirator daily in my job, work in a chemical plant, and those little flutter valves need to be replaced at least once a year, if its sat for long periods of time they definitely need to be replaced.

    Clean the mask with a warm diluted providine & water bath, rinse well and let it air dry. You can also use a mild dish washing detergent, Dawn works great, in warm water, rinse well and let air dry. DO NOT use alcohol or alcohol pads on the mask because it will cause the rubber to dry out and develop cracks and splits.

    If you have a beard, and not willing to shave it off, you can just toss the mask in the garbage because it will do you no good. Its impossible to get an effective seal when you have facial hair that is between the mask and the skin.

    If the mask uses standard NATO filters you will have no problem buying new filters for it. I suggest getting one filter to train with and several more for the real thing. NEVER EVER open filters from their sealed containers until you absolutely need them. Filter life for an open filter is 6 months un-used, and up to 8hrs MAX in a contaminated environment. The higher the PPM levels of the chemical, the harder you breath, the more you move around will determine how quickly you need to replace the filter when working in a contaminated environment.

    Lacking the proper chemical to do a fit test with your mask at home, we use banana oil at the plant, you can use ammonia found in the cleaning department at Wal Mart. Using your practice filter, don the mask in an area that has no ammonia scent present. Then open the ammonia, move it around your mask, turn your head, look up down etc etc and if you do not smell anything you are good to go. If you do smell ammonia, you have a problem with the seal, or perhaps your practice cartridge is well over due for replacement. I suggest you do a fit test anytime you loose/gain weight or have teeth pulled, dentures etc etc because this will effect the proper fit of the mask. A mask that does seal, fit properly, or is not worn properly is useless. In a contaminated environment you WILL die, or at the very least suffer long term heal problems due to over exposure thanks to the ill fitting mask.

  11. I have one of these masks. Actually I bought three from centerfiresystems a while back for $14.99 for the trio. Unfortunetly these masks DO NOT use NATO filters which sucks. Quite Honestly there not good for anything anymore. If you want a gas mask that will work up to current standards your best bet is to buy a Israeli M15. There cheap, work well, and take NATO filters. Jus my .02 cents :)
  12. I remember basic training, I went into the gas chamber with an ill fitting mask, by the time they told us to take off our masks, I was already dying LOL

    Tear gas can mess up your day I can personally attest to that.
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    sweet im gonna order one of those m15's
  14. Make sure to order extra filters, as said above, they are only good for so many hours in a actual gas emergency.

    If you are serious about it, might also see about getting a surplus army issued carbon impregnated suit. The older ones should not cost that much.

    A lot of the agents that can be used are not only dangerous or lethal by breathng, but if got on the skin also. Nerve agent is a good example of that.

    The MOP suit, that is what they were called while I was in years ago, can help protect you for a given amount of time in a hostile enviroment.

    THen there is the rubber hood that attaches to the mask, the rubber gloves and boots.

    If you are going to do it, do it right the first time.
  15. try that really cool
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    IMO, half of the time you have to use a gas mask in the real world is going to end up in you fumbling and beeing too late no matter how much practice you get in. Most of the time any event (for a civilian) catches you off guard, and none of us use gas masks enough to be totally proficent.

    Of course, I only speak from my experience as a kid back home but I can't imagine I'm more skilled in my dexterity than I was when I was 12. Had to use one 3 times, and only got it right once.
  17. neo,

    When we purchase a firearm we take it out and practice, then practice some more, and some more and then some more. Having a gas mask is no different, you MUST practice putting it on, moving around with it on etc etc. Having the ability to properly don a gas mask in a pits black room is what you should be able to do, if not you need to practice more. I wear a mask daily in my job, so I do have lots more experience in getting my mask on properly than most civilians will ever have. It took lots of practice to get to where I am now and this is the key to properly wearing a gas mask or respirator.
  18. No better way to clear out a cold though!!! lol I hate the chamber lol
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    I'm just saying, for the average civilian these things are a pain, and still dubious of having one unless it's a brand new unit that isn't of the same design that the UK gov't stuck in every public building in the 80's.

    Just stating my experience since as a kid we were drilled QUITE a bit and I still got a good dose of Tear (or CS?) gas twice.
  20. When I was in BMT, I set the record for my group that went to Warrior Week for how fast I put on my gas mask. Of course, my wife worked in War Readiness, so she brought me home a mask and let me practice before I went. I can go from standing still or walking and have my mask on and sealed in roughly 2 seconds. It's not that hard to do if you do it right and practice as RFH said.