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  1. You know it, you love it, you love (even more) to make it.

    But when the Matches run out, and the lighter fluid dries up, what then? You'll need fire to cook your meals, sanitize water, etc.

    So, finally getting to the point, what more primitive methods of making fire do you use/recommend?

    Starting with myself, I turn to my handy fire piston.
  2. Bull

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    Only have one now.... Working on survival gear, soon to be adding more

  3. Besides the 100s of lighters I have, and bucket of matchbooks from all the handfuls I have grabbed at the freebies counters, I have a few strikers, 2 powerful magnifying glasses, and about 75 rounds of dragon breath 12 ga rounds. :)
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Flint and steel and char cloth, magnesium strikers and char cloth, and piezo igniters in several places. Another good thing...all those crank flashlights and radios? They produce a mild spark at the leads when taken apart correctly.;)

    Not to mention several thousand rounds of ammo that do some pretty cool things, including fireballs from the Mosin, and little piles of powder to spark into.
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  5. Bull

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    Lol..... Are they for when you want a fire in "that general vicinity"?
  6. panoz77

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    Fire piston, flint and steel, magnifying glass. I'll use anything before trying to start a friction type method.
  7. :D
    LOL, a guy at the gunshow about a year ago had a bag of 100 and they usually sell for like $3 each, said he'd sell me the bag for $150. I bought them out of novelty and have blasted off a few Joe Biden rounds in the evening just to see the flame. Pretty fun to shoot, but would definitley light shiz on fire "in a general vicinity" or make someones day extremely bad. :D
  8. FlashBang

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    magnesium strikers, flint and steel, magnifying glasses, steel wool with batteries and a hand crank generator.

  9. How is using a fire piston a primitive method of making fire?

    Those only exist because of technology...
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    In my opinion there is only one option in my mind. Ferrocerium Rods. Once you use one, pour water all over it and use it again and see how well it works you will not look for anything else. Amazingly hot spark that takes less time, care and prep than almost anything. Even a lighter needs to be kept dry, matches also, these can be in oil, water or snow and still throw hot sparks. And for this price you can order one for each bag you have.
  11. Do ye a bit of learnin'

    They've been around for quite a while

    It was the inspiration for the diesel engine, not inspired by the diesel engine
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    Careful Ajole, firing a Mosin into the ground could throw the Earth out of its Orbit around the sun!

    You don't want to be the cause of the extinction of humanity...
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    So, is this the same as the Swedish Firesteel?
  14. gotcox

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    I am not sure. I have never heard of the swedish firesteel. I don't know what that is.

    **I looked it up and from what i see ya it looks very close or similar. What the differences are i could not tell ya. I have used a bunch of the ones i linked and give them out as gifts and they work great. Maybe the other ones do also i do not know.

    Learning time for those who want to learn with me.

    They are the same. See learning is fun. :)
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