Firearm extreams

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  1. Just for fun, post your link to extream firearms.

    Smallest working handgun in the world:

    Quote from the site:

    "We would like to take this opportunity to inform journalists who are interested in writing articles about our product that the power of most airguns or BB guns, which are in many countries freely on sale, can exceed over 10 times the power of our ammunition."
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    So there really ARE Leprechauns!

  3. Ridge

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    Specially designed for long range precision targetting...

  4. My dream rifle...
    20MM Vulcan Rifle
  5. The bullets on that thing have power LESS than 1 joule.... Talk about pissing someone off with a gun the size of a quarter. :roll:
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    A good friend of mine who was a world class collector> he used to build from scratch 1/2 scale guns that would blow you away. Some of gone all over the world. If I can find some photos I will post them
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    There was a jewler around where i grew up that had built mini firearms you could barely see. There was a revo that was 1/4 inch long overall.