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Discussion in 'Training' started by wayne, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Applied for a Lifetime concealed carry permit today in the state of Indiana. Kinda let my other 4 year permit elapse, like back in Sept. of 1987, Oh well.
    Since it's going to take 14 weeks for approval, my question for anyone out there is.
    "Can anyone recommend any books, web sites, DVD's, or anything else on concealed carrying."?
    Might sound kind of stupid to some of you out there but all these different forums that I read rarely mention or talk about firearm safety. Funny thing is you constantly read about the people getting a permit to carry.
    Just hope that these people who already have or are trying to acquire a permit know the tremendous responsibility that goes with the privilege to carry a concealed weapon! Not to mention The American pastime, law suits.

    Myself included in the above statement........ :idea:
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    I'd look for a NRA pistol course in your area. Did Indiana require you to take a concealed weapons course before applying for the permit? If not, you should try to find one of those as well.

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    Practice makes perfect...
    Check up on your state's laws concerning concealed carry, as they may have changed since 1987. You may want to read case law where concealed weapon holders have had to use their weapons, and review/critique their outcomes both criminally and civilly. Find a group of like minded folks to chat with and run ideas by... Oh wait, You've got us here! Welcome to the forum!!! :)
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    Firearm Safety.

    A Thank You to Uraijit and Strangerous for your quick response on the Firearm Safety issue.

    Both of you offered sound advice that I will follow up on. I'm sure the State of Indiana offers something, if for no other reason but to relieve themselves from liability. By the way Uraijit, Indiana requires only
    $125.00 for a lifetime license. It's sad they DO NOT require any classes prior to the issuing of a carry card. :cry:

    Ahhh, the NRA even though I'm a member it didn't click to call for info until you mentioned it. Another thank you is in order.

    Although the subject is important to me, I didn't expect answers at 12:30 AM and the other at 5:00AM ......... You guys need to get a job ! ! !

    Thank Again,
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    My job IS from 11:00pm, to 7:00am. And it pretty much consists of staying awake and doing whatever the hell I want all night... And tonight, that included responding to your thread.

    What's your excuse? ;)

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    HMMMM!! Must be nice to be able to what you want when you are working! You must be related to the boss or got some really good dirt on him for a job like that! HUH?
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    To: Urajit

    Easy friend,

    I wrote what I did only because I was amazed that some one would take the time at 12:30 AM to respond to a total stranger.

    And again, I'll still thank you for your response and your information.

  8. There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet, and, I agree, it's hard to decide which organization or which information is legit and what-have-you. I like US Concealed Carry, but, just like most organizations, they're in it for a buck too.
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    The post on that website you sent me the other day was different. "Kinda like everything you ever wanted to know about firearms, but for whatever reason you were afraid to ask thing". Some of the information and articles spun me off in other directions however most of it was GOOD reading. I'll defiantly bookmark this website................

    Thanks Again,
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    Zombie Survival Guide
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    You posted "The Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms."
    -- Samuel Adams

    Although I sincerely hope Samuel Adams will be right in his thinking for another 232 years I'm beginning to doubt it....................
    The reason, people are always looking at the constitution and say, "we'll never change it."
    Well guess what Ridge, as I have a foot note that accompanies all my posts. Be extremely cautious who you vote for. Not only in this upcoming election but in ALL elections. As an example, both Obama & Clinton if elected have both said, they want to increase gun control to the point that only the military and a trained officer of the law should be able to own a firearm". The key word here is OWN notice there not saying USE a firearm. The point is Ridge these politicians don't have to change the constitution to slowly take away your firearms. How about .............. City by City,................ Town by Town, ................Village by Village and now these gun activist are trying for an entire State. Don't believe it, ask the people of Illinois.
    If a City, Town, a Village and then an entire State bans the ownership and use of a firearm, You won't have to worry about our CONSTITUTION.

    Just some food for deep thought. :idea:
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    You Win, as they say one picture ia worth a thousand words. :shock:

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    Just as I pressed the send button my son saw the picture with the T-Shirt and of course wants one, do you remember where you bought it at ? ? ? ? :?:
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  15. wayne

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    We thank you ! ! !
    Both my son & I thank you. He ordered the T-Shirt & I ordered the wall clock.

    Just what the heck does all this have to do with FIREARM SAFETY ? :?
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    Protecting us from the people trying to protect us :)
  17. [​IMG]

    Some of the material may seem "dated" because the book was written before the day of "shall issue" laws when a CHP was a rare thing$ and weapons choices were fewer, but the advice is still good I think.

    Or most anything here.

    Concealed Carry Forum

    Glock Talk has a concealed carry forum also.

    And then there is always: