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  1. So I worked my way into a firearms chat with a fair amount of Brits, and it was pretty fun; everyone was pretty civil, and it was apparent after a bit that with me being the only Yank in there that I was the guy to ask.
    Well, it's obvious that Hollywood is way too influential over here (same could be said about the States, of course), and here are some of my favorite questions I was asked along with my responses to them (numbers are the Brits, A is my answer to them):

    1. "Why do you all shoot the gun sideways?"

    A: "We don't. Responsible gun owners, which is 99% of us, never fire our firearms that way. The other 1% have no business owning a firearms until they learn not to do that. So we ALL do NOT hold them that way."

    2. "How many times have you had to draw your firearm?"

    A: "Never, and hopefully it stays that way. Don't be fooled; no sane gun owner who carries WANTS to draw or use their firearm on another person. We carry it just in case the need arises. You have an alarm on your house, but does that mean you WANT someone to break in? That's what my pistol is; a security system. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."

    3. "How many autos do you own?"

    A: "One; it's a Honda. Other than that, I do not own any fully automatic or select-fire weapons. Federal laws regarding those sorts of weapons in the U.S. are pretty restrictive. Firstly, a civilian cannot own any fully-auto firearm made after 1986 in the U.S. That means good-condition full-autos on the market are often rare and very expensive, far beyond your average shooter's budget. Anybody you see shooting a "new" automatic firearm is using a receiver built before 1986, the receiver being the legal "gun" art of the firearm. To obtain an automatic firearm made after 1986, you have to hold a Federal Firearms License as a dealer or manufacturer. Which, unless you own your own firearms business, is not really worth the trouble, though it's possible if you try hard enough. Plus, you have the added difficulty of getting your local law enforcement chief to sign off on it before you can own it, as the law requires. So unless your Sheriff or local police chief is cool with it, you're pretty much screwed until they change their mind or someone else comes in with a more open view."

    4. What's the most fun target you've ever fired at?"

    A. "A friend of mine got a bunch of Tannerite, which is a binary explosive that explodes when struck by a high-velocity round, and packed it into a dead tree. I took my .308 and we took cover behind a car from about a hundred yards and took a couple shots at it. Blew up and took the tree down, it was awesome."

    5. "Do you support Great Britain legalizing private firearms ownership for the layman?"

    A. "I'm American; I support it for every human being alive in every country."
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    i have a few friends in England who very much understand and appreciate firearms, and thankfully dont see all Americans as we are portrayed in the movies. they are still very jealous, but they at least are wise enough to know we arent all Rambo wanna-be lunatics.

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    About the cheapest full auto I've seen would be a Mac10 Uzi, and that was 8 grand. M16s are going for about twice that, as is an MP5. There's an SBR/full auto Ruger 10/22 down at a range that's asking 11 grand. A 1921 Tommy Gun is going for about 50 grand, the 1927/28s are about 20.
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    You should do an interview on "Top Gear".
  5. I couldn't talk cars the way I talk guns. I'd end up looking like the fancy chick at an out-of-state gas station; "Oh my, which way does the nozzle go? I fear I must call AAA."
  6. I'm sure it was an interesting conversation, but I really hope you didn't answer them in textbook fashion.
  7. Depends; there were other questions in which I answered in "short form," so to speak, but mainly when I answer those sorts of questions, I go full textbook. That way there can't be any confusion.
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    nope! i'm betting he just stood up wearing his wife beater tank top and yelled.."merica mudder fuhhers!!!". and then slammed his empty mug down on the bar!...:p
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    Excellent Answers, FB!
  10. If I could figure out how to do that in an online conversation, that would be my answer to everything.
  11. I have a guy in Scotland and a guy in Ireland who report to me. I have had casual conversations with both of them about guns and gun ownership. In my experience, the Irish are more against guns than the Scots even though the Scots are in the UK.
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    I've had experiences talking about guns with people in several countries.

    I talked to a guy in Australia for years online but when I mentioned my love for firearms he practically gasped and said he's glad they're illegal where he lives. Needless to say we had a pretty heated argument about it. We agreed to drop it because we couldn't have a civil discussion about it because we were on opposite ends of the spectrum about the topic.

    I've also talked extensively with a guy who lives in Sweden who has a few shotguns and a rifle. He envies our gun laws and told me never to surrender my semi autos. He said owning a handgun requires you to join a handgun shooting club, apply for a permit, and store the handgun away from the magazines/ammo if I'm remembering correctly.

    Then I hung out with a South Korean guy who was here to learn about agriculture. He said owning guns is strictly prohibited despite having mandatory military service for several years. You can own swords but they have to be registered and if a crime happens nearby the cops will come around and harrass you. He loved seeing my collection and said that he wished he could own at least a revolver. He told me the same thing my Swedish buddy told me, "Never give them up."

    I don't intend to.
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    I take it you mean the above? :D
  14. Yup, I do indeed mean the above. :p
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    So Flyboy - you talked to BOTH Brits who own a gun?
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    There is a small, but dedicated, group of Brits who are advocates of self defense and firearms rights. I've a friend there, Roger Taylor, who's a member of a British firearms rights organization.

    Peace favor your sword,
  17. My neighbor owns a fair amount of shotguns and rifles; mostly shotguns, since each rifle requires its own license while shotguns you can have as many as you want with one license. He plugs the Campaign for Armed Self-Defence a lot, a British-pro-gun organization. It's funny; he is not what we would call a gun-nut back in the States really, but here he's considered WAY out there.