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  1. Hey everyone Im new here. I moved to Florida about 2 years ago. I was born and raised in Cleveland. Im going up to visit for christmas. Seeing as my family all tell me how much worse (crime, violence, gangs, shootings, robberies etc.) Cleveland and its sourounding suburbs have gotten, I want to carry (openly). I currently live in an upscale nieghborhood in the Tampa Bay area, and choose not to have a conceal carry license (but soon will because of all the shootings that have been happening). I plan on driving up and want to know if I can legally openly carry my JCP .40. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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  8. Hey, Andrew241, may I ask where are you located in ohio? Im from Maple/Garfield hts. area. Thier was just a robbery/ murder at the corner of my old street about 2 days ago. It was at a Marathon station that is about 5 houses down from my old house, and I patronized that store often. I will definitly avoid these places now, but I have to visit my family for the holidays, ya know? definitly will tread lightly...
  9. I can't give you the exact laws...... However... The State of Ohio passed "Pre-eminance" (might be spelled wrong) earlier this year I believe that states that State law is the "law of the land" and as such applies throughout the state. This nullifies all the dinky village, town, city, county etc laws that are in any sort of contradiction with state law...