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    for any of you who don't know how these can protect your possessions and heirs, take a look at the referenced site.

    I've probably got close to 25 K worth of stuff (or more) and don't want the gumment seizing them after I kick. Not only that, the price of $99 is MUCH lower than anyone I've seen. Also makes filing for suppressors, auto's, etc much more efficient, less expensive and possibly quicker.

    Smoke 'em if you got 'em, or check it out at:
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    An NFA Trust is not appropriate for non-NFA items, and in most cases is not needed or even desirable.

    Personally, I would not go with a $99 DIY NFA Trust from some website. Have a real Lawyer who is familiar with NFA Trusts create the Trust and provide the documents you need for it.

    An NFA Trust does not make the processing go any faster when used for purchasing an NFA item. The major benefits of an NFA Trust are that you do not need CLEO sign-off, you do not need to submit fingerprints, it can be used for electronic filing, any Trustee on the Trust can be in possession of the NFA item without you being present, and the NFA item(s) are allowed to be possessed by any Trustee after you pass.

    If you are going to get into the NFA game, be sure you take the time to fully understand all the rules and requirements first. The time you spend up front will be less then the time you'll spend if you don't. ;)


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    that's all I'm looking for, a legal document that allow everything you mention.
  4. I used 199trust for my NFA trust a few years ago. Purchased a couple NFA toys with it and no problems. I figured most lawyers use a template and just change the client info and although they may back up their product if needed, depending on the circumstances, you would be paying fees either way for their why pay hundreds...just my 2 cents.

    As mentioned by FlashBang, this is a NFA trust; not a generic trust for other property/non-NFA items.
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    From their website:

    Interesting point and easily overlooked.
  6. The kind of reasons to get a real live attorney. Not just a canned letter.
    One thing i don't understand is. Why do you need separate trust? Can a NFA trust not be used for anything other than NFA items?
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    What people forget is that if anything is ever discovered to be wrong with the formation of the Trust and/or its documents, you are immediately in unlawful possession of an NFA item(s). :eek:

    My freedom is worth more then $99.00 and some yahoo from a website providing me documents that may or may not be fully compliant to not only the NFA requirements but also my individual States requirements for a lawful Trust. If the Trust is not fully compliant to your individual States requirements for the formation of a lawful Trust, it is not compliant to the regulations for an NFA Trust.

    At 10 years for each NFA item illegally possessed, I'd spend the extra 100-200$ and have a real Attorney create the Trust. ;)

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    here in AZ, you can get more "canned" internet trusts done for 250/300 bucks. If you want to sit down with a lawyer, that'll be starting at about 500 and heading north quickly. And you still don't know what you're gonna get. Some lawyers are using boilerplate templates, just like the guy for 99 bucks, just gonna cost you a lot more. The trust should be a simple document stating what YOU want done with your stuff when you kick, or who gets to use it while you're still here.
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    yes, it is used for any weapon that you list.

    you can go to any web site and read a template. see for yourself