Fired my new C9, some questions

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    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but

    Took my brand new C9 to the range two days ago, and fired about 275 rounds through it before I left. I used Remington UMC ammo, and WWB. A few things I noticed:

    With the Remington UMC, I got a FTE at least once per 8rd magazine, and few times the gun tried to double feed - so I guess my pistol does not like this ammo ?

    With the WWB, I got very few FTEs, the gun seemed more reliable with this ammo.

    A few times it would seem that after firing a round, the slide would not return to its regular position, so I would have to push it forward a bit so that I could fire the next round. What is this called, and is it normal?

    Also, could limp-wristing be responsible for any of this? I am not too savvy of the definition, but I think I was holding the gun correctly.

    This is all straight out of the box new, I did not disassemble or oil/lube any parts before firing. I also left the magazines full for about 2 weeks before firing to help break in the spring a bit.

    Should my pistol be failing this much? or is it me? Sorry for all the questions. :)
  2. Welcome to the forum jeffsenpai, it seems that your pistol prefers the WWB ammo, at least for now. How many problems did you have with the WWB?

    As far as the slide not going all of the way forward, it may be that your pistol is dry and needs a little lube. Was it the gun not going forward, or was it the ammo not feeding in straight and keeping it from going all of the way forward into battery?

    Do not over do it but give it a little gun oil, buy some more WWB ammo and see how your second time out goes.

    An easy way to see if you are limp wristing is to let an experienced pistol shooter shoot your pistol and see if they have problems with it too. If the pistol shoots fine for them, you need to practice not limp wristing.

    Hopefully some of the guys smarter than me (most of the forum ;) ) will chime in and give you some advice

    Let us know how your next outing goes.

  3. Remember: strong grip does not prevent limp-wrist. How tight you hold the gun will not prevent LW. LW happens when your wrist/arm allows the gun to move up/back which causes the energy of the recoil to be lost. The energy from the recoil moves the slide back; losing too much of that energy will cause some of the problems you describe.

    At first, I had to make a very conscious effort to tighten my forearms and lock my wrists. A two-hand grip is a great way to help prevent this.
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    Agreed w/Broomhead. Myself? I actually made a note to, when in a two handed grip, use my index finger of my off-hand on the front of the trigger guard to steady the pitch of the barrel. Making an effort to keep the barrel level by not applying more force to the grip but more control over the general level of the firearm keeps the gun from recoiling upwards, expending some of it's energy into your lower arm as you try to control the recoil. This also aides in your shot placement because it helps keep the barrel focused on the target, as well as reducing fatiuge on the shooting hand by managing the forces on three points of the gun (the trigger guard, the lower grip by your pinky and the web between the thumb and index finger) instead of two (without the trigger guard)
  5. Welcome to the site!! Neothespian and Broomhead have it dead on. The push & pull with the finger of your free hand on the trigger guard works great it you have a tendency to limp wrist. You found a great site for information on shooting, ownership and pretty much any thing else!