Fired new Hi Point C9 for the first time, a few questions.

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by jeffsenpai, May 23, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but

    Took my brand new C9 to the range two days ago, and fired about 275 rounds through it before I left. I used Remington UMC ammo, and WWB. A few things I noticed:

    With the Remington UMC, I got a FTE at least once per 8rd magazine, and few times the gun tried to double feed - so I guess my pistol does not like this ammo ?

    With the WWB, I got very few FTEs, the gun seemed more reliable with this ammo.

    A few times it would seem that after firing a round, the slide would not return to its regular position, so I would have to push it forward a bit so that I could fire the next round. What is this called, and is it normal?

    Also, could limp-wristing be responsible for any of this? I am not too savvy of the definition, but I think I was holding the gun correctly.

    This is all straight out of the box new, I did not disassemble or oil/lube any parts before firing. I also left the magazines full for about 2 weeks before firing to help break in the spring a bit.

    Should my pistol be failing this much? or is it me? Sorry for all the questions. :)
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  3. Shot mine for the first time yesterday with blazer brass and only one failure to feed in 50 rds that was pretty good I thought.
  4. Congrats to all you guys on new 9's. Sounds like you're doing all things right, with mags, etc. Shoot more. Try some different ammo from time to time. 300-500 rounds is a good break-in estimate. Till then, just shoot and get to know her.

    My input and others will agree - do NOT take it apart to fine tune or "fix" or clean or anything yet. Follow normal cleaning and lubing as found on here, but you do NOT need to take it down at this point. Some do and do fine, but HP doesn't reco and 95% of us don't.

    Keep at it!
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    Have you tried not loading the magazine to capacity. Maybe try 7 rounds instead of 8 for a while. I'm told that on some magazines this will eliminate the problem until the spring is broken in well.
  6. That's what I have done with mine only loaded the mag with about 6 or 7 rds for awhile. :D
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    Might be a good time to make a sticky of break in procedures and common newb faq's
  8. littlehoov I think your issue was more you :p

    I replied to you at thefiringline though there were a few that had some sound advice for you there also. I believe they are members here as well. That site(TFL) is a very good site but a ton of gun snobs there will drive by any Hi Point posts with bashing even if they know the issue has nothing to do with the firearm. Tough crowd there for sure.
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    This is getting interesting. My C9 fires everything I put in it just fine. Given the issues that some shooters have with different brands of ammo I decided to do a quick analysis of cartridge length by measuring them with a caliper. I took a random five cartridge sample from each brand that I had on-hand. Here are the results:

    1 1.160 1.113 1.165 1.165 1.144
    2 1.144 1.110 1.160 1.159 1.150
    3 1.156 1.105 1.162 1.160 1.150
    4 1.160 1.107 1.157 1.162 1.142
    5 1.163 1.107 1.161 1.158 1.153
    Mean 1.157 1.108 1.161 1.161 1.148
    Median 1.160 1.107 1.161 1.160 1.150
    Mode 1.160 1.107 #N/A #N/A 1.150

    WWB is the longest cartridge with a mean of 1.161 along with Wolf, followed by Blazer Brass, American Eagle (Federal), and Remington UMC. UMC stands out as the shortest of the bunch with 1.108. All ammo was FMJ.

    Some people say they have problems with WWB but not with BB. But these brands are about the same length differing by 0.001 inches, so case length appears to not be the issue.

    UMC and AE have the best mode, i.e., consistency in length of AOL/COL. WWB and WOLF the least - no two in the sample were the same, therefore, no mode.

    Not sure if any of the above has anything to do with certain guns having certain issues with certain ammo. Interesting exercise, however.
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    Wow, Mean, Median and Mode! I'm impressed (--but you didnt include the 95% confidence interval! :D )
    [ ex-statistics teacher ]
  11. If you two don't stop talking statistics, I'm banning you from the internet. Not just this sight...... THE internet! :mad: :mad:

    :D :D
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    You are the toughest moderator I have ever seen! I bet you don't even need a gun for protection! You are probably so to tough you can insert the bullets into a BG manually! :D
  13. OK,
    I'm a statistics junkie too(standard deviation).I also did my own WWB COAL analysis And even shot them according to size.
    My conclusion is it didn't matter the case length.The short ones nosed up jammed and the long ones nosed up jammed.
    Look at the nose shape though and compare to like a Remington. Its very pointy.Its either that or the powder charge.
    I haven't figured it out yet.But , If it doesn't run in yours,don't use it.if it does use it.
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    I had a double feeding issue. Turns out my mag lips were too far apart. Tightened up the lips and it works perfect.
  15. OUCH! now that would hurt!

    Full disclosure - took 2 semesters of stats in school, and many in-house stat classes for work. I could do it, but it was only kicking and screaming. I have immense respect for those who truly "get it".

    ************ now back to our regularly scheduled topic!
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    Having the same problem with the UMC, I have both the 8 and 10 round mags, tried partially loading both, even jammed when I only put 2 rounds in, if I fully load the Mags I get atleast 3 FTE and more with the 10 round... even with 1 bullet it doesn't always clear the chamber.... Could it be the Remington UMC or my ejector is messed up?