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  1. laubert75

    laubert75 Guest

    If i electical taped 5 smaller bottlerockets to 1 larger one, they will all go off at the same time the larger one goes off right?, if there taped down tightly?
    thanks, just wanted to know, for shitsngiggles
  2. SteveD

    SteveD Member

    the fuses aren't that accurate. and besides why not buy bigger bottle rockets?

  3. laubert75

    laubert75 Guest

    no, the little rockets have the fuses removed so only the big one has a fuse, im hoping the little ones combined with the big one will give it an extra POP

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I don't think this is appropriate for this forum [​IMG]
  5. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    why not? it is not necessarily illegal. He could live somewhere where you can launch fireworks, even homemade ones.

    Locking this thread because it is illegal for some members would be like locking a thread about high capacity mags because of the Californian members. I mean we are all adults here who presumably own firearms, I think we can be safe with fireworks.

    however if manipulation of fireworks is deemed to dangerous by the mods that is their call.

    A note of cation fireworks blow up, and if you are nearby they will hurt or kill you. The store designs them to work in a particular manner and if you change them in any way they can do weird things.

    the weight of the additional bottle rockets drags the main rocket down so instead of going up the rocket goes in an arc. sprays the ground in sparks and then blows up. the other two rockets may zoom off in strange directions or just blow up themselves.
  6. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    That would be awesome in many ways. As for launching fireworks, the cops don't bust that many people unless they are doing something entirely moronic. It's nice to have the lawmen on ones side on "Blow sh*t up day".
  7. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    Locked pending approval.

    Common, guys!
  8. GlockMan

    GlockMan Member

    Its unsafe and illegal in some if not most parts of the country to modify fireworks. The thread will remain locked as it serves no purpose on this forum.
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