Firing Pin Question?

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  1. I made an observation today concerning the firing pin on my JHP.40. When I took the gun out of the case I could feel the pin and what seemed like the spring moving back and forth within its I racked the slide as to to simulate a chambered round and to put the pin in the ready. That as I would asume fixed the problem...however after dry firing it to release the spring so that it would not be under tension the same issue continued. I placed a flashlight down the barrel and as would have it when the I tilt the gun back and forth the pin slides in and out of the hole... I was just curious if this was natural or should I give HP a call. Granted I know for safety issues its not a problem...cause in order to have a round in the chamber I would have to rack the slide with a full mag and that would keep the spring under tension, therefore not allowing it to move freely on its own.
    Any input would be great...
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    The firing pin on my C9 rattles slightly when it isn't cocked. I think that this is normal as there is no tension on it.

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    Thar is the drop safety rattling it is supposed to. This is normal for all
    Hi-point Pistols.

    Do not worry. as long as the rest of the weapon functions as normal.

    Your question has been some what common. Only means you are observant of your fire arms And saftey minded.