First 995TS accessories added

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    I've finally finished adding, taking away, adding something different, taking that away, and settled on this configuration. The laser is spot on at 10 yards for close quarters, the reflex is nice for intermediate, and the scope does it to 100 yards. 0331170903-1.jpg 0331170903a-1.jpg 0331170904-1.jpg 0331170905-1.jpg
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    I'd be curious to see your results. I'll get used to the weight. I'm not a fan of those Kel-Tec's aesthetics. I know they are great little carbines but personally not for me. The AR9 though might be something good to have as a backup or something for my wife after she graduates her skill on an AR chambered in .22LR.

    Looking pretty good! What flashlight / laser combo do you have on there? And does the laser wander after putting rounds through the rifle?

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    Laser/light combo:
    Going to the range again today after work to shoot it. I've shot it 3 or 4 times (several hundred rounds) since I dialed it in and it hasn't drifted yet. Notice that I didn't remove all of the front sight? It seems to help stabilize that questionable rail that's under the barrel. It's probably not on past 15 to 20 yards, but it's on well enough to make shooting off the shoulder accurate at close distances...which is all I wanted it to do.
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    Thanks for the link! I suppose I need to do the same with the front sight? It does look a bit ungainly without something bracing it in the front of the rail.
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    This week.
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    No seeming about it. If you pull the sight base the front rail will flop around like a dying fish. It's only fixed to the stock by a single screw, and held in place by the front sight base.
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    Absolutely agree, Bob. I used "seems" so as to not stir up those naysayers who adamantly insist, that even with it there, it's not stable enough for any sighting accessory. I've proven that to be false as recently as yesterday, when my laser was still on after 4 or 5 previous sessions, firing 400 to 500 rounds since it was originally sighted in. Still no perceptible drift at a max of 25 yards. I'm fine with that because of the laser's limited applications. I have no need for anything farther. Only useful in outdoor low light, indoors, close quarters self defense.... or fun-filled plinking within that range. I do the same type of sighting at 7 yards for my pistol laser.
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    One of the first things I added was a 45 degree angled rail. Screws right onto the existing rail. This is where I hung my red dot, leaving my iron sights free. I've also added a bi-pod (why? I don't know except it looks cool), a muzzle break, and a right hand cocking handle (what can I say, I got to used to the M-60 machine gun). I also replaced the sling with a one point tactical sling.

    My only major complaint about all my add ons is the weapon now actually has some weight to it.
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    Range results from yesterday? No perceptible drift at 25 yards, even after previous 4 to 5 sessions, 400 to 500 rounds. I don't use the laser for any longer distances, because it's really not practical. I really like being able to "shoot from the hip" at that range, without having to use the scope or reflex.
    Perfect for low light outdoors, indoors, close quarter self-defense....or just-for-fun plinking.
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    LOL.....not likely. "The force is strong in this one..." :cool:
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    Got an early xmas gift from my brother in Alaska. Cannot wait to put some more holes through paper. :D

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